A Demo on the Roof

Beyond the obvious charms of Fort Cochin, (see Fort and Harbour), there's much you can do without even having to step out of Brunton Boatyard's imposing gates. Enjoyed our fusion cuisine? Then why not join in a cooking demonstration on the terrace, where the chef takes you step-by-step through the secrets behind one of our famous dishes. 




Armed with a bicycle and a map, you could spend a somnolent afternoon cycling the city's markets and old quarters, seeing the Fort Cochin most tourists never see.

Of course, the Brunton Boatyard, like most other CGH properties, is a perfect place to do nothing at all. Just get a boring historical novel, find a chair by the poolside or in the tea lounge, and doze away.



The Colours of Evening

Come 6.30 (or thereabouts, depending on the season), the Brunton Boatyard's trusty craft departs from our private jetty, for a fascinating cruise around Cochin Harbour. Spectacular sunsets, glorious sea air and probably a dolphin or two!

Mirror Massages

In the setting that blends east and west, our compact little Ayurvedic centre does the same. So , after a walking tour through the fascinating treasures of the Fort Cochin area, a synchronized Kerala massage (done by two expert masseurs whose actions mirror each other), could be just the ticket, easing the leg muscles and wafting you straight into drinks -and-dinner mode.

We had a wonderful stay at the Brunton Boatyard, the hotel has a wonderful old-world atmosphere and the location right on the water front gives it drama - watch the fishing boats, cruise liners and cargo ships floating by, take the free sunset cruise - the kids loved it. Food was excellent - the local breakfast was really yummy!


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Billiards and Time Travel

This corner of the lobby was once described by a guest as a Victorian throwback, and it is indeed a strange hybrid, part raj-era railway waiting room (complete with Punkahs), part colonial club. Lounge around, pot a ball or two, read the papers, doze and yes, there is honey still for tea.