Soak in the view

All of the Brunton Boatyard Hotel's twenty-two rooms overlook the sea, and so, by happy circumstance, do the en-suite bathrooms. Few pleasures rival a long hot soak in your tub of an evening, watching the dolphins play tag with the trading ships of the globe.






Small fishing boats along with larger pleasure ships vie for your attention. Watch a spectacular sunset over the palm fringed shores of Vypeen Island. Listen to the cry of cormorants over the lapping of the wavelets. In short, take relaxation to hitherto unknown levels.

Panaroma:The Lobby and Courtyard

Other Spaces, Other Times

Entering the lobby and reception area, the foremost feeling is one of open space, beautifully lit by natural light. The high arched wooden ceiling and terracotta floors tell the story of Brunton Boatyard’s colonial heritage. Photographs and prints of the old boatyard and old Dutch maritime maps decorate the walls. Faces of long gone dignitaries proffer Victorian scowls. Authentic antique furniture and chandeliers complete the picture. Only a reassuring glance at the electric lights will tell you that you're not in the 19th century.

Piggy-banking the Monsoon

Water can be a scarce resource, so we came up with an innovative solution. If you’ve wondered what those blue pipes running under the red roof are, they’re the pipes that harvest the rainwater. The pipes carry the rainwater from the roofs to four central wells. From there it goes to another tank where it is filtered through sand and onwards to be treated by alum. This treated water is piped to the kitchens and your rooms. An innovative eco-friendly solution that supplies us all year around, without putting a drain on the city’s resources.

We were looked after like Royalty by the hotel staff and I must commend them on the excellent service - attentive and helpful without being obtrusive, and went out of their way at every turn to make our stay memorable.

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