From Friend to Family

The people of CGH Earth are a diverse lot, as human beings are meant to be. But they do have one thing in common. For them, these lands, mountains, rivers and villages are home. They welcome you not as a visitor but as a guest in their house, because that, simply, is what you are. The pride they feel in their world is real, as is their joy in introducing you to its beauty.




There are no practiced smiles at CGH Earth. We don't believe there can ever be! For what use is a job if you don't enjoy it enough to be able to even smile spontaneously?





A Resonance with Nature

The people of CGH Earth are at ease in their environments, and almost any one of them can help you find the same simple connect with nature that seems to come to them so very easily.

For there's usually more to us than meets the eye. The smiling waiter in Coconut Lagoon turns out to be a Kalari expert. The cheerful reception girl at Visalam displays a deft hand at powder-painting. A friendly naturalist shyly pulls out a sketch book of exquisite water colours. And all of them demonstrate a practical, home-spun ecological sensitivity that's as effective - if not more so - than the kind one would learn from a book.

1954: Our Story Begins

Casino Hotel is where it all started for us. This is where we developed the ideas that sustain us to this day. From this modest beginning in 1954, the group today spans 12 properties and offers a rich, diverse mix of experiences, all rooted in our basic values of respect for community, culture and environment.

Did You Know?
Kerala’s language, Malayalam borrows words from Portuguese, Arabic, Syriac and in most recent times English.