A Question of Balance

Yes, you're in a Palace. But search for gold taps and embroidered pillows, and you will search in vain. In keeping with the minimalistic lifestyles of the kings of Chittoor Kottaram, our furnishings too tread a fine line between comfort and refinement.




Natural and traditional styles are the norm here, and while the bathrooms are modern, the towels are simple, pure linen. Lunch in the dining room is served on traditional banana leaves. But Dinner is a more indulgent affair, when you dine off pure silverware, just as the kings of yore did.


Lamps Aglow

Come evening and you can participate in a simple tradition, the lamp lighting ceremony. You watch in amazement as from within, the whole palace slowly seems to come alive. Shadows begin their dance upon the wall and the stained glass painting magically draws you into its embrace. From within, the palace seems afire. This is how the kings lived. With romance and magic, but created from an ordinary earthen lamp. 


A Royal Command Performance

Entertainment at Chittoor Kottaram has no agenda or format. And why should it? It's a matter of your majesty's personal tastes. A Music recital? A dance performance? An evening's boating with flute accompaniment? A Martial Arts demonstration? This is your domain. And its special  pleasures are naturally, entirely at your command.

"Our room was spectacular and had the finest furnishings. Dinner that evening started with beers and snacks on the back lawn watching the sun set over the river. We then headed to the dining room and had a feast of the finest Keralan vegeterian cuisine, all served on a banana leaf."

-from TripAdvisor

Home Cooking with a Regal Touch

The food at Chittoor Kottaram is pure vegetarian traditional cuisine, based on the 'Sadya', a Kerala festival style. Breakfast is delicious South Indian homestyle food. And freshness is, of course, the main ingredient in every meal. What could be more royal than pure wholesome goodness?