Aromas of Home

Once, in  Kerala, eating out meant that you’d either been thrown out of the house or your wife was a lousy cook. The outcome was that what the world came to know as 'Kerala cuisine' (parotas, chili fries et al) was actually anything but.




That’s when we decided to use the common ingredients of the Kerala kitchen to serve our guests the most authentic, home-cooked Kerala food on a banana leaf. Expect genuine fish curry with bones in it, tapioca with crushed bird’s eye chili and more... So when you drop into Ayemenem, our lakeside restaurant, come prepared to be surprised. Even if you've had lots of 'Kerala food' before!

Going Bananas
Can you imagine a dish made from a single banana plant. Well, we can imagine three. First, a fresh banana bunch is cut from the tree..
It's going to form the basis for a complete (and completely delicious) lunch..
The bark of the tree is peeled off until it's reduced to a smooth white stem..
The stem is then cut into pieces and grounded in a mixer with tangy ginger and fresh curry leaves..
In an instant you get a healthy, refreshing drink that also whets your appetites..
Next, the flowers of the banana plant are prepared. They are first peeled....
Then chopped into fine pieces and cooked in a 'tadka', or garnish, of fresh Indian spices . .
There you go! Two fine dishes made only from the banana plant..

Fish and wood-fired wisdom

At our lakeside grill, we have a fresh approach toward cooking seafood. Thanks to a super hot clay oven that cooks a fish of up to two kilos in seven minutes flat. So it retains its essential juices. Add on innovative marinations like the Bird’s eye chilli and pearl onions and you have an experience that stays on the palate. And in the memory.

The Heron's Pond, our Bar, serves up 6 different coconut cocktails.

Sample one and you'll see that fresh coconut has a taste all it's own, even if you've had your share of Pina Coladas

The Tang of Malabar

Coconut Lagoon's main restaurant buffet is the place to sample some authentic Malabari food, with the accent, of course, on fresh fish from the lake and the sea. Do try that local delicacy, Karimeen (Pearl Spot fish) a dish beloved of its connoisseurs, who will argue for hours over the proper method of cooking it.

Cuisine at CGH

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CHITTOOR KOTTARAM. Palaces can be about simplicity too. At Chittoor Kottaram, a simple Dosa is embellished only with love >
FRESH FISH at Marari Beach, grilled, fried or sautéed right out of the sea and on to the pan >