Inspiration at Coconut Lagoon

I  first arrived at Coconut Lagoon on a rice boat from Alleppy. I stayed for three days, and felt, like many others who stay here, that it wasn’t enough. I have since come back nine times and always stay for three weeks. I work as a graphic designer for music and do 12 hour days for seven days a week, and it is very stressful work. But after a three-week session of Ayurveda at Coconut Lagoon, I go back feeling 10 years younger. I come here to get well and write, and as soon as I get here, I sink into a sofa and heave sigh of relief. It just takes me only two days to totally unwind. For me, what sets Coconut Lagoon apart is the fact that the staff  are genuine and seem to really enjoy what they do. There is just the right balance between formality and informality. And they seem to know your mind! 



When I write at my desk outside my cottage, overlooking the lake, and think that a cup of tea would be nice, a staff walks up to my table with a tea tray. They anticipate what you need. Coconut Lagoon is like a second home, and in fact the general manager, Subi, calls the mansion that I always stay in my house. I hope to soon publish my first book, Discovering Angels, which is on a walking trip from Manali to Leh in 1975. And I am working on my second called Malayalam, a whodunit based in Mumbai. Like Malayalam, all the clues in the murder mystery are palindromes. I think it would be fitting if I can finish it on my next trip to Coconut Lagoon, which I adore, because you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.

-Andy Airfix

Farewell, until next time

The staff wave goodbye

The Silent Highway

The peace and quiet remains a vivid memory

The Invitation

Time tends to lose all meaning

This hotel is a little piece of heaven. The staff were helpful and charming and fell about laughing at my husband’s efforts to wear the local "mundu" which kept falling off.
 - Tripadvisor