Restoring A Fading World

The distinctive architecture of Coconut Lagoon has its own tales to tell. Some of these mansions are over 150 years old, and were transplanted here, beam by beam, timber by timber, from the old houses of the county that had fallen to ruin. 


Restoring them was a process that took several years and much love and labour. Our first task was to track down the Aasaris, descendants of the master craftsmen who had originally created these dwellings. By now, sadly, the old crafts were dying, the young lured away by lucrative city jobs. The team we finally found were men well into their 60's. And the styled woodwork and fine detail of Coconut Lagoon’s mansions  is a tribute to their skill, patience and devotion.

Doors Of Tradition

Those with an eye for architectural detail will find much to delight in at Coconut Lagoon. A carved balustrade, an ornate railing...notice, for example, these elaborately worked brass locks (they’re called Manichithrathazhu, but don't worry, you can just call them Kerala locks ). Happily, this  practical and ancient craft of metalworking has seen a rapid revival in recent years.

Panorama: Reception Canal
An interactive view of the heart of Coconut Lagoon

From the moment we were ‘piped’ ashore from the boat, like admirals, into the reception area we knew that we had arrived in ‘our kind of place.

- Gillian and Rodney Coates - Guests

Mystic Spaces

Sacred Groves are old Kerala traditions, a form of nature worship where a microcosm of the forest would be left in a natural or near-natural state, rich in biodiversity and harboring many rare species of plants and animals. Its special beauty comes from the absence of human intrusion. While you can't enter it, you can immerse yourself in its peace and serenity, even from a distance.

Heritage at CGH Earth

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