Different Strokes

Each time you visit Coconut Lagoon, you're quite likely to have a different experience, not just outside your room but in it too. Every piece of furniture has been meticulously chosen to give our interiors  an individual look.




Villas will have different beds, cupboards and chests of drawers that we've sourced, not from a store but slowly, from  traditional homes and of course, the famed craftsmen of the region. Furnishings too rely on local materials, offset with linen, rough-woven cotton and other natural fabrics.


Our Old Curiosity Shop

A short way from the reception is a little wood-frame structure, the resort shop. Pick up handicrafts, jewellery, local dresses and assorted bric-a-brac. Many of the screwpine, coir and coconut-based products made by the local village women are also on display. Try too, some of the fine incense products and natural soaps available here. Most of these are bought locally, often directly from the craftspersons themselves.

400 Year Old Sunlight

The reception of Coconut Lagoon has been washed with sunlight for over 400 years.  It  was transplanted here piece by piece, over several months.  By and large, we tried to preserve the soul, and let the rough edges be. Notice the elaborate carvings on the roof-fringe, a once-common feature of the tharawads, it's replicated often, but rarely preserved, as it has been here.

A Pool Villa: An Introspective World

A silent contemplative garden. A private plunge pool. A window  looking out to acres of endless paddy. Coconut Lagoon wouldn’t be a CGH experience  if self discovery wasn’t as important as enjoyment. The Pool Villas, on their own secluded stretch of lakefront, help you to do exactly that.

Fuedal Kerala was a jigsaw of tiny states, principalities and landholdings, creating aunique culture, architecture and way of living.It is this heritage that echoes in Coconut Lagoons dark timbers, even today.

The traditional architecture I saw made the home sanctified place to return to. The simplicity of interior style is really all that is needed in this world of stuff; Maintenance-free floors, polished timbers, natural cotton, and white ivory and ecru.

Latika Khosla, Guest