Neighbourhood Colours and Contours

Few urban pockets would offer such an engaging mix of history, culture, shopping, ambling and just sheer fun, as the area around the hotel. Beaches, museums, cafes, the famed fishing nets, the shopping on Princess Street…its all just a walk (or a complimentary cycle ride) away.

The streets in the immediate vicinity are splendid to stroll about in, specially early in the day. You can see some of the last remnants of Dutch Colonial style houses, with their steeply angled roofs and tall windows.

Cafe Culture: David Hall

A short walk from the hotel is a miniature CGH experience, David Hall. Once , this was the 17th Century home of the areas Dutch civil and military commander. Today of course, it's a  smart little Gallery-Cafe. Come browse some art, enjoy a cold coffee and a Pepperoni Pizza, or just take in the age-old ambience.

Silent Stones

Down the road from us is a little slice of frozen time. Wandering these picturesque, peaceful lanes, it's difficult to imagine that this region was once a battleground. Yet, history tells us that the Malabar coast, with its fine ports and the promise of precious spice, spent 300 years an endless tug-of-war between Europe's navies. There was always a price. as this little corner demonstrates
Well, we have to mention the Chinese Fishing Nets. These distinctive shapes have now become a little bit of a cliché, specially since you see few of them in operation today. They were introduced to the city some 500-odd years ago, possibly by the legendary Muslim-Chinese Admiral, Zheng He. They are so beautifully balanced that the weight of a single man is enough to operate them.