A Many-Layered Style

The Eighth Bastion’s  face is open, contemporary, even post-modern. The architecture combines clean cubic lines with chic, retro touches such as the railings and roof tiles. Note the  VOC-branded furniture scattered about, exact replicas of the chairs once found on Dutch Schooners.

Elegance with minimal fuss are the watchwords in the rooms as well. The main appointments? Just lots of comfort, sunlight and air. Of course, our  Dutch soul is evident wherever you might look, as in the nautical paintings, enamelwork  and Delft China. 

Sunlight, Air and Space

Most of our rooms open on to airy patios or balconies. Just the spot to enjoy a morning tea, an afternoon nap or just to get a double-barelled lungful of  the fine tropical sea breezes of the Malabar .

Personal Pleasures

Our Bathrooms are luxe, modern spaces, but we wanted  them also to retain a traditional warmth. Many are outfitted with floor tubs and rain shower systems.

Borrow a Bike, Whenever you Like

Two eco-friendly wheels are a nice, easy way to get around and about (see that section for where to go). Just pick your bicycle from the colourful selection available near the main gate, ask at the reception for a map, and you’re good to go,  pedaling your way through a sunny morning's outing through the bazaars and by-lanes.
The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica not only happens to be one of the oldest churches in Cochin, but also in the whole of India. It is one of the eight basilicas in the country.