Wellness in a watery world

In the old hamlets of Venad, life has an easy flow. Gentle, restorative, and  in harmony with the streams and rivulets of the surrounding backwaters.


Here, we have crafted an experience that helps you slow down and heal too. Kalari Rasayana is a place where the mind, body and spirit are treated together by expert physicians. With a potent combination of personal attention  and the purest tenets of ayurveda.
You will retreat into 8 acres of expansive, green lakeside dotted with coconut groves.  There are 22 simple but  thoughtfully appointed suites. And the cuisine is uniquely part of your therapy, individually  prescribed by your

Your treatments are supplemented with yoga, lakeside walks, and evening assemblies called satsangs, alive with discussions, chanting, dance and music. Come. This is healing from the truest place. Deep down within you.

Pure ayurveda at work

A glimpse of some of our treatments, involving therapeutic herbal oils and a range of massage based therapies

Food is the best medicine

At Kalari Rasayana, the food is prepared on saatvic principles thousand of years old. Your diet with be individually prescribed, based on your constitution and your treaments.

On healing waters

Peace, silence, wellness and beauty in equal measure, on 8 acres of lush lakeside.

Space, Simplicity, Comfort.

The interiors are a harmony of warm woods, traditional materials and of course, a suite design that allows for the plentiful play of natural sunlight and air. Of course, air-conditioning and other creature comforts are all in place, but they key motif is simplicity, supporting you through the process of wellness. 

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