A Delicious Confluence

What if we picked up ideas from around the world, we asked ourselves. Then marinated them, so to speak, in local traditions, local methods and of course, local spices.

At Maison Perumal, even a familiar plate of pasta gets a carefully crafted makeover (see bottom pic) , involving tiny local prawns, fish, chilis, garlic and our chef's unique mix of spices.

Freshness is the key ingradient, and from yams to  okra to drumsticks, it's locally grown vegetables that are given pride of place on our tables.

Seafood gets the local touch too. mango, curry leaves, fresh cracked mustard seeds and  roast cumin provide a medley of flavours that invoke Tamil coastal cooking at its best. The menu abounds in light and vegetarian  options too.

Hand-ground Magic

There's a new curry every few miles in the Coromandel coast, and you can sample quite a few of them right at our tables. The secret to this bewildering variety? Spices, grinding methods and most importantly,  proportions. This is what dictates the layers of flavour and richness of texture that every good curry posesses.

Our Cooking Demo

As at many CGH Earth destinations, you can get a personal unravelling of the mysteries of local cuisine, with a live cooking demo from our chef.
Feel free to ask questions, take notes, or even get suggestions on substitute ingredients that you can't buy back home.
Of course, (like all good  cooking demos should) it all ends with a delicious tasting of the freshly prepared dish...

Piquantly Penne

We call it Era Meen Pasta (meen is fish by the way, and it's a useful word to know, given the seafood-fixated Pondicherrians. )It's loaded with freshness and flavour. Goes well with a robust local red, or even a Maison Punch, just to mellow out the spices.
Food was simply the best so far in our trip. And yes the cooking class was the cherry on the top. Wish we had one more day to enjoy the hospitality.


The food was to die for - authentic Tamil cuisine served to us with sheer excellence. We were so thrilled with our lunch that we came back that night for dinner which was as outstanding.

-Guest comments on Tripadvisor