A Joyous Hybrid

Maison Perumal is a tasteful blend of old-world Tamil and French architectural styles. Verandahs and sit out areas speak of the Tamil heritage while the arched windows and stylized colonnades reflect their French colonial ancestry.


The materials are typically local, with cool Cuduppah stone underfoot and teak furniture lending its special richness. The only sign of modernity is the air-conditioner humming unobtrusively in the background.


Oh, for a Simpler Life.

A half-century ago, to be an honoured guest in a gracious Tamil home was something you'd never forget. In those traditional times, a guest was seen as a member of the household, and treated as such. It is this special experience that we've recreated at Maison Perumal.
Put simply, we're a family. And that's how we make you feel. So welcome. To a simpler, more relaxed way of life that echoes the traditions of noble Tamil Nadu - with a gentle French accent providing the finishing touches to your experience.

Kolam Colours

If you walk around the area , specially on festival days, you'll notice charming, colourful designs, made with spices, rice grains, food colour and almost anything that captures a housewives' imagination.

They're called Kolam, or Rangoli, and are a feature of every Tamil home.
At Maison Perumal too, we keep traditions like this  alive, and often, the girls on the staff will create a design on the threshold of the house.

Most friendly staff and such a vibrant ethnic place. Something about the atmosphere that will make you want to go back again. The staff are genuine and that's the hotels usp. Nothing artificial. – From Trip Advisor

Sumptuous Sunlight

Maison Perumal's dining area is a cool, airy haven where you can relax and find a moment of quiet whenever you like. The walls are a rotated gallery space with a selection of canvases, part of our initiative to promote work by local artists.

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