Wellness Amidst the Sands

With our  master Yoga teacher giving you expert guidance, this ancient science of wellness acquires a new dimension. One of the best things about yoga is that almost anyone can do it regardless of age. 
The Ayurvedic centre has qualified doctors  you can consult, and they'll be happy to introduce you to this ancient form of no-side-effects medicine. What's more, therer's a full range of treatments and traditional Kerala massages on offer. A great way to start your Marari day (or for that matter, finish it).

The Poolside

The crisp Malabar sunshine just cries out for a long and leisurely browning session. And even tans come easy at Marari’s expansive,  Olympic size poolside. This is also a great place to brush up on your swimming before venturing into the sea. Or  for that matter, just while away an afternoon with a book from the library.

A Spinner, A Weaver

Did you know that butterflies never fly at night? Or that they live only for a month, so can take generations to move from one field to the next? Spend some time in our butterfly garden and enter a dancing, flitting new realm of nature.

And on a slow evening,  try a little side trip to the nearby village, and you can watch the fascinating process of coir making. This wonder fibre forms the basis of a hundred diferent items, from handbags to ropes to sandals to mattresses.
PS: You can pick up some fine coir handicrafts at the Marari gift shop, if you like.

Marari Beach takes the initiative to educate the local community about the ecological impact of extensive and indiscriminate use of bore wells and the effects of water pollution.

Sporting Chances

Can't resist the urge to run around a little? We understand. It's all that fresh sea air (besides, you need to work up an appetite for the Fish Moilee and rice dinner you've been planning). So do spend an afternoon on our sprawling tennis courts. Or if you prefer, even a quick round of Volleyball.

Village Colours

A stroll or a bicycle ride through the village around the resort can be a fascinating experience. Meandering sleepy lanes, dotted with little groceries, patchworks of political posters, perma-smiling schoolkids, the colours unroll.Feeling adventurous? Try a tipple at one of the local country bars. But remember, coconut toddy can be a heady brew, so easy does it!