There Is A Greener Way

The closer you get to nature, the easier it becomes to respect her. Look with fresh eyes, and marvel as she begins to reveal her secrets.




A small lotus pond is a universe, teeming with life. A butterfly garden can transform the entire environment. A little rain harvesting can do wonders for the local water-table. And vermiculture can keep the soil not only fertile, but intact for future generations. Food too, can be recycled into biogas rather  than wasted.




There are a thousand ways to give back more than we take from the earth. Above  are just a few that we’ve practiced over the years.



Wandering With Our Naturalist

Marari is a nature lover's paradise and a morning stroll with one of our naturalists in tow is a fine way to introduce yourself to the Malabar coasts unique ecosystem and explore its myriad charms. Just to give you a taste, you can expect to find 97 species of butterflies,  more than 350 species of endemic plants,
3 varieties of turtles, and even 10 kinds of frogs. As for the birds, there are too many to even name.

Maintenance By Nature
No food is ever wasted at Marari Beach. If you do leave stuff on your plate, it goes straight into our biogas plant to be converted into cooking fuel.
Waste water at Marari passes through a three stage cleaning process before being used for gardening and irrigation.
Sludge being removed in the first stage of water treatment.
Marari provides two separate waste bins placed conveniently near your doorstep with an ecological choice.
In one you can discard plastics and in the other the natural wastes.
And off it goes to be broken down - the natural wastes into our bio gas plant and the plastics in a safe way .

"Marari Beach is a paradise for Nature Lovers. It feels like a little village and nature seems in good order here. It is heartening to see that things are built to be inclusive of all creatures"
- Bernd Danmeister, a guest from Germany

"I have visited so many [hotels],but in recent years, my favourite hotel experience has been at the Marari Beach Resort in Kerala. It was delightful.One thing which impressed me is the hotel rooms which were large and ethnically designed, with a lily pond just outside the bedroom window. Repeat visit? Anyday.
Zohra Segal, Actor

Ecology and Conservation at CGH Earth

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