Bathing with a Certain Air

Our bathroms are inspired by the old Kerala villa styles, where the bathing areas usually  stood at a little distance from the main house. Often, these were open to the sky, partly for ventilation, but mainly because it was just so much fun bathing that way,
At Marari, you can experience this idea in updated, contemporary form (Which means that all modcons are reassuringly present ). Few things can match  the special joy of a hot shower in a secluded courtyard, open to the sky with only the tingle of warming sunlight and the swaying treetops for company.
Click above for a spin around one of our standard cottages

Floral Touches
Halfway through fixing up your room, your maid will pop outside with a basket to one of the hibiscus plants that grow all over the grounds..
She'll pluck a series of blooms that are carefully chosen for size (You'll soon see why)..
On the bed she's freshly made,she'll begin the arrangement, the smaller flowers form the edges..
Evenly spaced petals and leaves create the centrepiece..
With the largest bloom finishing off the arrangement..
There you go.The final masterpiece!.

A Typical Room

Homespun simplicity and locally sourced natural materials combine to create a warm ambience.

A Choice of Zero Channels

That's right. There's no TV set in any of our rooms. You'll be amazed at how much joy life can have without it. . After all,  in terms of sheer widescreen spectacle nothing quite matches a Malabar sunset. And colours are at their most natural in, well, nature. However,  soap addicts needn’t despair. If you absolutely can't go on without episode no. 756, there is one TV set in the rec room. But you know what? We suspect you won't even want to go near it.

Did You Know?

The Marari’s beach runner birds are chalky gray in winter but develop gorgeous red and gold hues in the breeding season.  


Airy Spaces: The Reception

We couldn’t move on without a brief word on the reception area. This vast, sunlit space is a favourite with our guests, and not only because of the wi-fi. Its thatch is a marvel of local skill. Spend a pleasant morning browsing the pressed flower gallery, enjoy a cool coconut drink or simply relax with the local newspapers.