The Larger Life

Cool, airy high ceilings. Traditional roof beams. Arched doorways. And of course, electric Punkahs. If M. Dupleix were to visit, we believe he would feel right at home. Of course, as a far-seeing man of taste, he would delight in comtemporary comforts such as the double aircon, and the modern bathrooms, bathtubs and fittings.

In the matter of appointments, we opted for fuss-free elegance, with an element of contemporary surprise, such as the table lamps and upholstery. 

A Time of Freshness

Pondicherry does warm up a bit from time to time. And the Palais de Mahe's lap pool offers the appropriate balancer to a day on the town. Take a dip, or just relax by the poolside sipping a tall one.

Another Splash

The sense of  scale that informs the rooms is echoed in the bathrooms as well. Traditionally styled fittings  and large bathtubs effortlessly transport you to an age when bathing was a leisurely, contemplative way to spend an afternoon, not the hurried rush it is today!
Iit was well worth it for its superb architecture, its attention to detail, the service and the cuisine.

It is not a heritage hotel, I understand, but its gracious style and elegance gives it a very heritage feel, as does its location, which makes it easy to walk all across the French and much of the Tamil Quarters without needing a cab or an auto.

When I say "detail" every feature in the room and all of the furniture just brought alive the special ambience of Pondicherry; the bathroom was modern and spotless, but I loved the wooden towel rack which reminded me of my childhood.

-Guest Comment from Tripadvisor