The Silver Threadwork

Centered around the 90km expanse of Lake Vembanad, the backwaters of Kerala are a unique - and fragile -ecosystem unlike any other in the world. Enveloping  the port towns of Alleppey and Quilon on one end, they stretch like a patchwork quilt clear across the state, to Calicut in the north.




Some are no wider than an armspan, navigable only by canoe. Others are dual carriageways, deep and rippling, sometimes broadening out into vast misty lakes, sometimes curling into twisting wormturns, hemmed by paddy fields and fed by a thousand fat streams from the high ranges of the Spice Mountains to the east.

Panorama: Sunset

Riders of the River

Meet your crew members. Simple fisherfolk men who know these waters because they were born here. Alternating between navigating the waterways, preparing meals and keeping the boat shipshape, they exude a sense of calm competence. Their smiling faces speak of a culture that is famed for its fun-loving ways. You can be sure this is hospitality from the heart, since none of them have been even near a hotel management course.