A Day on the Rippling Road

Time on a Spice Boat flows at a languid pace. Recline on the foredeck and slowly get into the natural rhythm of life. Still your mind and let nature work its magic on your senses. Watch the  palm trees sway in the breezes coming over the rice fields, as a cormorant passes overhead. Hear the sharp music of the  birdcalls and feel the gentle slap of water knocking at your door.




You catch a whiff of fresh fish roasted over a coal fire. A short refreshing nap after lunch and the magic of the evening envelops you. Relax in an armchair with your favorite drink in hand and watch the sky change color, till it seems to meld seamlessly with the water. Then the stars make an appearance in the dome above. Frogs croak as the birdsong fades and countless fireflies light the path ahead. Dinner made in the traditional way and you come to something rare: the perfect end to a  perfect day. 


A Simple, Wholesome Meal

Your meals are prepared by your boatmen in their traditional manner. In other words, lots of fresh flavours and a minimum of fuss. It is the very same food which they eat, made with tangy spices and with a lot of coconut. The fish was probably caught while you were sleeping, then marinated in red chilies, ginger and lime, before being grilled. Accompaniments may include lentils and gourd cooked with fresh pepper and mustard seeds, served  with  greens handpicked from the little markets that dot the canals. And (we need hardly add), lots of steaming bowls of rice.

Sun Power and Natural Materials

There are no noisy diesel generators on board a Spice Boat. Electric power is courtesy the solar panels affixed to the roof. The soft putting you hear is the sound of the outboard motor running on vegetable oil, a safer alternative fuel. Measures like these minimise our impact on the ecosystem of the backwaters. 

Vembanad Lake is the longest lake in India, and the largest lake in the state of Kerala. The Lake is famous for its exceptional scenic beauty, lush green surroundings and exciting boat cruises.


Natural Lullabies

Our bedrooms are warm, cozy spaces with mesh windows that let in the palm-scented breeze, even as they keep little insects at bay. With the rhythmic cries of the cicadas and the gentle lap-lap of moving water as your background music, you can look forward to an amazingly restful night out on the lake's centre.