Nature's Air-Conditioning

If you need evidence that comfort is easily obtained without intruding on Nature, you don't need to look further than Spice Village's cottages. No fancy carpets. Just coir mats on bare stone floors. Modern bathrooms and interiors, but with a spartan elegance based on simple, natural materials and local woodcraft.



No artificial airconditioned spaces here. Just cool, naturally lit rooms and airy private porches.  So open a window, and your mind as well. And let your senses be enveloped  by the sounds and scents wafting in on the forest air. 


Under Elephant Grass

From a rise, the roofs of Spice Village will seem to spring from the forest itself.  In our cottages , you sleep under a thatched roof made of elephant grass, identical to those on the tribal huts of the region.Each year after the rains, the roofs are inspected, and a team of deft tribal artisans recreate  or repair the ones that need tending. Old thatch is used for rope making or fodder, an elegant and ecological recycling method we've adopted from the tribals, who've done this for centuries.

A Personal Garden, Complete with Bench

Ever wanted a park bench to call your own? Well, here it is, with a garden attached. Our larger cottages all come with these cozy personal spaces, often hung with fruit trees (though ask us before sampling some. They won't be poisonous but they may be raw!) . Hmmm. Time to put away the ipod and let the hum of dragonflies lull you with their own special music.

I enter Spice Village as if slipping into another world and another existence, insulated from the din and bustle of the outside.Even the transition is silent and smooth. Before you realise that it is possible, it happens. You are in the midst of well-orchestrated green mansions, tucked away from the world, with thatched huts strewn unobtrusively like enormous mushrooms, organic and breathing, 53 of them, spread gracefully across 14 acres of sylvan harmony.

Alex Paikada, Guest




The Tiger Club

The Tiger Club is where you find out everything you wanted to know about Periyar but were afraid to ask. Pictures of wildlife, images and maps of the region adorn the walls. Tigers, elephants and other animals beckon invitingly, daring you to enter their domain. The shelves are filled with a wide assortment of books, periodicals and videos that will help you to plan your treks into Periyar,and are a great learning experience.