Our Earth Bubble Retreats in the heritage towns of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu will take you back to simpler times for the perfect family vacation. Go on an adventure together and share historical, cultural, culinary, and spiritual experiences as a family. Create new memories and feel completely safe with the highest COVID-19 safety protocols and WASH certification from the Quality Council of India.

Enhanced Safety and Hygiene Measures at CGH Earth Hotels & Resorts

The enhanced safety and hygiene measures that we have put in place on the recommendations of WHO, the Health Ministry of the Govt. of India, and international experts to ensure that you and your loved ones can enjoy your holiday safely. Read more



Spend time in a 100-year-old mansion in timeless Tamil Nadu

Rates are valid till 31st Mar 2022: ₹5805* / night
*For our Chettinad Room. T&C Apply.

Experience Timeless Luxury

Enjoy Restored Franco-Tamil Architecture

See Beauty Made By Hand

Play With The Colours Of Tradition

Explore Heritage Locations By Bullock Cart

Meet Handloom Cotton Weavers Of Chettinad

Tour Traditional Chola-Styled Temples

Please take note that some of the experiences mentioned may not be available at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions. We regret the inconvenience. Please contact us for more information on the activities you can enjoy at our hotels & resorts at the time of your visit.

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