Nestled within the Western Ghats at 1200 meters above sea level, the Palani Hills boast rich biodiversity as part of the Shola Forests, a geological hotspot. A space personally curated by a world-renowned artist, Isla's Ridge offers stunning views, bespoke hospitality, and the opportunity to reconnect with yourself. 

Leave your gadgets behind and wander through untouched wilderness on leisurely strolls. Feel like taking a dip? The inviting pool awaits. Pick up a book from the library and enjoy it with a cup of locally brewed coffee. It's like stepping into an Enid Blyton novel, making an extended stay more tempting. 

Twin Escapes 

Split into two sections, the bungalow offers a luxurious yet cozy ambiance. Each of the four bedrooms features a balcony overlooking the scenic hills, with one room boasting a delightful sit-out area that opens onto the hills and the garden. The multiple spots to take in the breathtaking views are like a balm for your weary mind and body. 


Every detail, from the furnishings to the decor, combines casual charm with chic sophistication, all personally curated by Isla.

The ground floor living room showcases a blend of European furnishings and her own modern designs, including an antique centre table, coffee tables, and wooden and glass cupboards. On the first floor, an outdoor area offers a view of the swimming pool. Cozy seating areas provide a breathtaking view of the hills, perfect for stargazing and appreciating the grandeur of the Western Ghats.


Born in 1945, Isla hails from Kodaikanal. Her journey has taken her through Mumbai, Brussels, and London, where she established herself as a world-renowned designer before returning to her roots. Isla's discerning eye for the extraordinary is reflected in her collection of jewelry, antiques, and textiles.

Isla's Ridge embodies her vision—a harmonious blend of tradition, heritage, and culture set amidst the captivating Palani hills.


Our menu reflects our dedication to sustainability and local produce, inspired by Isla's Kitchen and CGH Earth's culinary traditions. Each dish is a carefully crafted delight, harmonizing with the bungalow's simple yet enchanting vibe. Isla and CGH Earth have curated a selection of mouthwatering dishes that promise a magical dining experience.  

At Isla’s Ridge, we embrace a farm-to-table philosophy, offering freshly baked bread, cakes, preserves, pickles, and milk.  From Isla's own creations to traditional recipes from the Nilgiris, Tamil cuisine, and the historical Raj period, every meal is made with fresh produce from our garden and nearby farms, creating a symphony of flavors that transport you to a world of culinary wonder. 

In and around the Ridge


With its tranquil lakes, lush greenery, and cool mountain air, Kodaikanal is the antidote to the city weary traveler. From hiking trails, museums, caves, and lakes, you won't run out of things to explore. The stunning views all around make for a picture-perfect getaway.

Isla's Ridge

Kattakadu, Manjalparappu, Perumparai.P.O.  Attur, Dindigul dist., Tamil Nadu – 624212

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