Experiencing a Forest Village

Vacations can be fun, but if its again connecting back or serving the same pattern of your mundane practices, it may not be enriching. Literally tune out some of the noise in your life by retreating to the wilderness of a forest and that which is within oneself too.

Find peace and quiet for days on end in the rural Indian forest village of VanaVasa. Derived from the Sanskrit word 'VanVasa. The term connotes self imposed exile, away from day to day activities to the arcane, vibrant wild.

In the ancient Indian epics VanaVasa was perceived as forced exile, like the Pandava princes who were banished from the pleasures of the palace to the adversities of the wild. But the epics also tell us how the life in the wild invigorated the exiled princes. When Vana Vasa is self imposed it could be enriching.

A word we have for it is Rewilding. Rewilding nature for the restoration of the eco-syatem and our own lives to re-invent oneself. If you find yourself caught in the ceaseless adversities of your monotonous life. VanaVasa is a great opportunity to re-align yourself with the rhythm of the universe.

CGH Earth offers a healing environment immersed in 10 acres of virginal countryside with tiny farms and homesteads surrounded by the thickly forested Western Ghats.

Living in Silence

The essence of the VanaVasa experience is being in the open space of silent awareness where there are no pre-defined activities, rituals, required beliefs or assigned practices. Jack serves as mentor and guide giving individual attention to those who want it and helps create a retreat that best fits their needs.

The VanaVasa retreat can extend upto 21 days from the basic 3day package and can be customized to suit ones needs. While the restorative benefits of such a holiday are many this getaway is not for the faint hearted as the offering is days of solitude and zero interaction with technology - a digital free vacation.

Set your pace and begin the process of healing. Unwind with meditation, art, yoga, Pranic healing, farming, attending to cattle, cosmic study and reconnect with the baics. Visit the folk of neighbouring villages over a cup of Indian chai and immerse yourself in nature's bounty.