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"Hints of Empires Past"A waterfront history hotel

An amalgamation of the architectural splendour of Fort Kochi's colonial past.

Brunton Boatyard at Fort Kochi is inspired by colonial history. A former shipyard in British times, this historical plot of land that once housed a famous boatyard now has another landmark, the Brunton Boatyard. Built by us to faithfully reflect the symbols and signs of a historical period known for its stately grandeur and good taste as expressed through its ambiance, amenities, service, and food.

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  • Reviewed 3 March 2022
trip advisorThis hotel is so enchanting and perfectly designed to offer the peace, beauty and luxury we did not even know we needed in our life. Each room has a beautiful view...- Jeremy L ,
Experiencing Brunton Boatyard

The History


Dining at the tellingly titled ‘History Restaurant’ at Brunton Boatyard is a gateway to experience culinary history at its best. Every dish we serve reflects the culture of a different community. Chuttuly Meen speak of a Jewish heritage, while fish lovers savouring a Samak Bil Harder Asful sense the looming presence of Arabia. The Fish Moilee comes to you with its distinctive Syrian Christian aura, and The Vindaloo is sure to set you reminiscing about Vasco da Gama and the coming of the Portuguese to India.

Looking out to sea


All the 22 rooms of the Brunton Boatyard overlook the sea as do all their en-suite bathrooms. There are few pleasures to rival that of watching lazy ships and fishing boats or gamboling dolphins while going about your ablutions. You will also catch some stunning sunsets over the palm fringed shores of Vypin Island close by and hear the cry of cormorants and gulls from your room, drawing you into a different world.

Mattancherry Heritage


In the Jew town, the four-century-old synagogue still stands testimony to the tolerant, multi-cultural nature of Kerala society. Looming protectively over the synagogue is the Mattancherry Palace, erstwhile home to the Verma kings and today a fine museum. The old Jewish homes, the bustling Spice market and the Antique Market make Mattancherry a favourite for visitors.