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"A Lofty Retreat"Eco Living Close To The Wild

A tribal village set in a spice garden in the cool highlands of Periyar in Thekkady.

Spice Village is modelled on the dwellings of the native Manan tribe of this region and exudes the raw spirit of unblemished nature. This CGH Earth experience is a seamless extension of the verdant landscape around and celebrates all things spice : be it our unique spice enriched culinary offerings or the spice tours that help bring our guests closer to the land and its people.

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  • Reviewed 20 April 2022
It's my first family vacation within Kerala. When I decided to have a family vacation I thought of several popular destinations outside Kerala...- Thomas Cheriyan ,
Experience Experiencing Spice Village

Spice Garden


The resort and the Periyar area in general, offer an amazing diversity of flora, much of it unique. You'll encounter, among many others, the Indian Pennywort, Kalachoo and Sweet Flag, all medicinal in nature, and processed into remedies at our ayurvedic facility.

Periyar Tiger Reserve


Periyar Tiger Reserve boasts a variety of forests, marshes and aquatic habitats spread over 925 Kms. Together they constitute the abode of a great variety of wildlife that include 62 species of mammals, 320 species of birds, 27 species of amphibians, 45 species of reptiles and 38 species of fish.

Mannan Tribe's Hut


Influenced by the native people of these parts who have lived in harmony with their surroundings for generations, Spice Village adapt many self sustaining systems. The roof of our cottages are thatched using elephant grass, in a unique way of Mannan tribes of Periyar.