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"The Sanctuary Within"Live the Kumbakonam legacy.

A journey steeped in legend, in a town blessed by the divine.

Meandering, tree-covered paths in Kumbakonam lead you to Mantra Koodam. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Veppathur village, it’s an ode to the region’s rich legacy. Where historical, cultural and spiritual experiences blend, to take you on a journey through time, designed around the Tamil Panniyar and Brahmin way of life and crafted by nature’s own wonders.

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  • Reviewed 21 April 2022
Beautiful resort. Absolutely loved it. The location, the ambiance, the service and pretty much everything is top notch. I booked this place as we were passing by Kumbakonam...- Charron ,
Experiencing Mantra Koodam

Weaving Magic


Visit the local silk weaver’s house to witness magic being created out of thin strands of fabric. The famous Pattu Silk is a masterpiece of handcrafted wonder, and watching the art come to life is an enthralling experience. The motif-laden designs are inspired by the temple carvings of the region, as well as the nature that surrounds it – the leaves, birds and animals.

Savour the Stories


The region of Tamil Nadu is renowned for its belief that ‘serving food to others is service to humanity’. The chefs at Mantra Koodam transfer this belief in every dish, serving up traditional cuisine garnished with local tales. Every dish on our menu carries years of traditions handed down – taking your palate on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Rural Odyssey


The village of Veppathur offers myriad experiences of the native kind, with friendly locals at their heart. As you wander around the property, you will travel to a place untouched by time, where bullock carts and bicycles outnumber cars. In the narrow lanes, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and cheerful smiles.