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Latest press releases and articles

An Unforgettable Journey into the world of South Indian Cuisine CGH Earth Experience Hotels ˗ March 2017

Any visit to India is a gastronomic experience, but few tours focus entirely on the cuisine of a region. This special 12-day group journey, in association with CGH Earth hotels, is accompanied by one of the group’s executive chefs and promises to be a very special experience. Travelling from Chennai south through Tamil Nadu, the spice and coffee plantations of the Western Ghats and ending by the sea in historic Fort Kochi, this tour includes stays in historic Pondicherry, Chettinad, Periyar and the Keralan town of Kochi. Exploring the food, history and culture of this vast and cosmopolitan region, highlights include a 21-dish Chettinad wedding feast and a traditional Keralan lunch on a working plantation. Click here

‘India Isn’t a Melting Pot, It Is A Thali’ - Condé Nast Traveller CGH Earth Experience Hotels ˗ February 19, 2016

Jose Dominic heads CGH Earth, which operates ‘travel experiences’ across 16 properties in India. The group has adopted a model in tourism development where environmental sensitivity, community inclusion and adoption of local ethos creates consumer value. “Wherever in the subcontinent we may be located, we draw from the idea of India. In our offerings, we use the healing legacy of Ayurveda, yoga and other inherently Indian philosophies.  Click here

Sustainable India Journeys: Eco Tourism Blossoms ˗ Green Pearls CGH Earth ˗ July 21, 2015

"I love India! I hate India!" These are the two diverse answers Indian travel blogger Sankara gets about the country of extremes. India, this means: vibrant mega cities, stunning architecture, colorful saris, the place of origin of Yoga and beguiling odors. However also extreme poverty, an unfair caste system and tremendous environmental pollution characterize the South Asian state. Nevertheless, India ranks number one in a study that describes consumer behavior toward environmentally sustainable consumption worldwide. Thanks to people as blogger Sankara and hotelier George Dominic. Click here

CGH Earth, India ˗ National Geographic Traveller CGH Earth ˗ October 27, 2016

A collection of 16 boutique hotels, resorts and ayurvedic centres scattered across Southern India, CGH Earth offers travellers an unforgettable experience that will immerse them in the nature, culture and heritage of their destination. Click here

CGH Earth Group Bags the Outlook Traveller Award! September 22, 2016

The CGH Earth Group from Kochi Gets Yet Another Feather On It ’s Cap ! Outlook Traveller had earlier announced the first ever Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2016 (IRTA) to identify and applaud hotels, homestays, tours operators, and other holiday providers, who are working very hard to make all travel, conscious travel in this country. It included various categories like Best contribution to wildlife conservation, Best innovation by a tour operator, Best for cultural immersion, Best community ˗ based homestay project, Best built heritage conservation and Best RT property. The CGH Earth group, known as the pioneers in eco ˗ tourism, has been awarded the ‘Outlook Traveller Boutique Hotel Award’ in the Best Responsible Hotel category. Click here

We need to talk about Lakshadweep ˗ Condé Nast Traveller Bangaram Island Resort ˗ November 9, 2016

The first time Mitali Kakkar visited Lakshadweep, she boarded the Tipu Sultan, a ship out of Kochi, and spent nearly a full day sailing east. After pulling? into a couple of the bigger islands, the vessel anchored off Kadmat, and a little boat, the Omana Poo, came to collect her family and take them ashore. The year was 1993, and although Rajiv Gandhi had famously spent a holiday in Lakshadweep a few years earlier, the islands still received only a trickle of visitors. “It was unexplored, totally pristine,” Kakkar said. “I couldn’t believe this was a part of India.” Click here

A quaint getaway, a modern stay-cation, or a glamorous honeymoon - lovers got lots to choose from. Chittoor Kottaram in Kerala is one of them.

As the monsoon rains are ready to provide the perfect backdrop to your romantic escape, we suggest you take a break at God's Own Country. A world of warm, laidback, and elegant hospitality awaits you at Chittoor Kottaram. Resting on the banks of the quaint backwaters of Kerala, the heritage mansion is witness to over three centuries of history. Today, Chittoor Kottaram is the home of Lady Hamlyn of The Helen Hamlyn Trust and she has partnered with CGH Earth to bring this experience to holiday makers seeking privacy.

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Chittoor Kottaram in the Luxe List 2017


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Brunton Boatyard a nautical blast from the past

Entering the lobby of the Brunton Boatyard, off the traffic-filled streets of Cochin, is stepping into another world. During a recent site inspection of the hotel, a sturdy wood reception desk caught my eye first, a commanding presence in a space designed to evoke the essence of the site's history. Dating to the late 1800s, the Brunton Boatyard was home to the prestigious shipbuilding company George Brunton & Sons. Today the five-star hotel, owned by CGH Earth (formerly Casino Group of Hotels), is both one of the city's finest properties and an exhibition of its South Indian roots. Click here

Why Kerala (India) Is Our New Favorite Place to Escape Winter

The lush state of Kerala, located in the southern peninsula of India, is touted as “God’s own Country.” With such a bold tourism slogan, you can expect the bar to be set pretty high. Well, Kerala does not disappoint. It’s filled with pristine beaches, houseboats floating in clear backwaters, spicy Indian food, and fun-loving people. It’s perfect for a yoga retreat, an adventure holiday, or an eco-friendly vacation. Now that’s a pretty divine package. If you haven’t added Kerala to your travel plans to escape the frigid winter, here’s why you need to do so right away. Click here

Here’s Why KERALA Continues to Be One of the Top Tourist Destinations of India - February 01, 2018

Right from arrival at Kochi, the world’s first all-solar-powered airport, visitors can see a trending move towards conscious living. When it comes to yogic rejuvenation or Ayurveda detox retreats, Kerala has it mastered. Its authentic cultural tourism is an attraction even to Indians from other states. And then there are the spice gardens and languorous backwaters. Above all, serenity and harmony. A week in Kerala is indeed heavenly balm for the weary soul. Click here

How to experience the true Kerala

Bored with sterile 5 star luxury? So am I. For a different 5 star experience and a truly authentic taste of Kerala, check out CGH Earth Hotels, the most original small chain of hotels in India. Eco-conscious, local, loveable. Click here

My Quick and Easy Guide to a Great South India Holiday

I love affordable, small and local heritage luxury. I love being spoiled by people who are passionate about sharing their food, culture and traditions. I know there’s plenty of great places to stay in India, but I always find what I love at the CGH Earth Experience Hotels. CGH Earth has gorgeous properties in renovated heritage mansions and traditional architecture right across South India from East to West. Click here

Travel in Pursuit of Wonder

There was a time when a good holiday meant a beautiful destination with great accommodation; trip souvenirs were just a bunch of photographs. Today, travel isn’t just about that; it’s more about where that destination takes you. We no longer want to collect just photographs, we want to hoard memories. Click here


Luxus für die Seele – das sind die vier ökologisch und sozial nachhaltigen CGH Earth Health Retreats im südindischen Bundesstaat Kerala, die für einen harmonischen Einklang von Körper, Geist und Seele sorgen. Click here

CGH Earth: The best Kerala hotels and resorts

Kerala is often called “God’s own country.” It’s a beautiful, tropical state in South India with palm-tree lined beaches, an extensive system of Backwaters, rolling green hills, wildlife and tiger reserves, and much, much more. Kerala is a soft landing for first time visitors to India, and a gentle respite from some of the more hectic parts of the country. There’s a lot to see and do all over the state. This post is a suggested itinerary based on a 10-day trip I took with photographer Andrew Adams to five Kerala hotels and resorts managed by CGH Earth. Click here

Best places to visit in Kerala, India

In my “Best places to visit in India” series, I’m focusing on Kerala in this post. In January, on a trip to Kerala with CGH Earth, I visited some of the best places to visit in Kerala and discovered some new Kerala destinations – from beaches to Backwaters, from spice gardens to national parks. Click here

Ayurveda, Terapi Kesehatan Dari India Patut Dicoba

India terkenal dengan teknik penyembuhan yang memadukan teknik pemijatan untuk membantu terapi pasien, yang disebut Ayurveda. Teknik India kuno ini merupakan pengobatan holistik yang mencakup jiwa atau kehidupan emosional dan spiritual dalam rangkaian pengobatannya. Click here

Selarikan Minda, Tubuh & Jiwa Dengan Ayurveda

Ayurveda (‘ayur’ bermaksud kehidupan dan ‘veda’ bermaksud pengetahuan atau sains) yang dianggap sebagai salah satu sistem penyembuhan holistik yang tertua di dunia memberi tumpuan pada keseimbangan minda, tubuh dan jiwa dengan pendekatan terapeutik yang menyelami teras personaliti, sifat dan gaya hidup seseorang. Pendekatan kuno ini bukan sekadar satu sistem untuk menyembuhkan penyakit; amalan penyembuhannya juga memberi saranan amalan gaya hidup yang lengkap untuk kehidupan tanpa penyakit. Click here

4 Day Trip in Kerala, India – The Best Kerala Itinerary

I visited India for the very first time, and it was a memorable 12-day tour of South India with Travel XS, starting from the west end of Kochi in Kerala all the way to the east end of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. If you’re looking to visit India, here’s an ultimate guide to 4 days and 3 nights in Kerala with some of the best things to do, restaurants and accommodations in Kochi, Alleppey and Thekkady. Click here

What is new on the menu for India?

At the most basic level, Danish chef Claus Meyer’s philosophy was to introduce love into cooking as a rebellion against the culture of microwaving and the lack of imagination in making food in his country from the 1960s, when women first started to go to work. This thought and the work that went into this, led him to helm the Nordic Food Manifesto in 2002, which gave Meyer the status of founding father of the New Nordic Cuisine. Click here

Mariellen Ward: The 59-Year-Old Travel Blogger On Being Relevant In The Age of Millennials.

Canada born, award-winning travel blogger at, Mariellen Ward is a digital storyteller who whips up delicious stories around her extensive travels in India, abroad and those around being a solo traveller. By Charu Chowdhary Click here

On Pondicherry’s Platter

A writer eats his way through haute Indian cuisine, regional firecrackers, and organic fare in the coastal town. Click here

4 Day Trip in Kerala, India – The Best Kerala Itinerary

One of the best ways to explore a new country is by going on a road trip, and that’s exactly what I did for my trip to South India which included a 4 day trip in Kerala. Click here

Kerala Backwaters

There is about 1000 km of lakes, rivers and canals criss-crossing Kerala providing irrigation, transportation and communication. These stretches of water, just inland from the Arabian Sea, are the backwaters. Pam and Jeff talk about their experience at Spice Coast Cruises, CGH Earth’s houseboats. Click here

Tantalising Tamilnadu

Legend-steeped Tamil Nadu pulsates with over 100,000 temples. Think millennial architectural marvels whose soaring tops dizzyingly stack sculpted divinity, deities from the tremendous pantheon of Hindu gods.

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50 amazing ambassadors of sustainable travel

From introducing solar power at airports to training vulnerable women to become guides, here are 50 people striving to make a difference to the world Click here

20 simple ways to go green in 2020

Segregating your waste? Carrying your tote for grocery shopping? Switching to a bamboo toothbrush? There’s more to be done. Here are 20 easy yet impactful ways for you to make a difference Click here

This wellness retreat in Gokarna is the perfect escape for weary city dwellers

A big house. A small coterie of friends. And a well-paying job. I had everything going for me. But deep inside, I felt that urban life was whizzing past me without acknowledging my existence. I needed a sense of fulfilment and a place of solace that only nature could provide. And my quest led me to CGH Earth’s SwaSwara Click here

An Exotic Getaway Just Reopened + You Should Not Miss It!

I can’t think of a better antidote to an extended home stay than an escape to fascinating India with its spectacular potpourri of colors, flavors and aromas to delight your senses. And with the news that the country started reopening its hotels, resorts, temples and tourist attractions Click here

Top 10 Hotels for Romance — India Dreamy stays that couples love.

Best Sea facing view Hotel in Fort Kochi - “100% true hospitality ” Click here

Indulge In Holistic Healing At These Wellness Retreats & Spas In India

Translating to ‘your inner voice’, SwaSwara doubles as a place to refocus and recalibrate oneself. Aligned to this ideology are the various wellness offerings. Click here

Moonlit Cycling, Poetry and Other Meaningful Things to do in Fort Kochi.

It wasn’t love at first sight when I first visited Fort Kochi some 8 years ago. Merely passing through the city, perhaps the riot of sights, sounds and smells overwhelmed my senses. Click here

Tilar Siro, a new beach resort in Havelock, is all about the island life

When the Great Andamanese people arrived on Havelock thousands of years ago, they named it Thilarsiro—the land that emerges from the sea. Though the language of this indigenous community is now extinct, CGH Earth’s newest outpost in the Andamans’ Havelock Island (now Swaraj Dweep)—named Tilar Siro—is a hat tip to the culture of the island’s original inhabitants. Click here

The best new Island Hotels to visit in 2022

On Havelock Island in India’s Andaman archipelago, Tilar Silo opened this spring with 25 treehouse-like rooms set amidst lush jungle overlooking the ivory sands of Vijaynagar Beach. These islands boast some of the world’s best diving – Jacques Cousteau himself was a fan. Click here

Live the best of island life at Tilar Siro in Havelock

‘The land that emerges from the sea’ or Thilrasiro, as the Great Andamanese tribal people first called it when they arrived on the Havelock Island (now Swaraj Dweep) thousands of years ago. Today, CGH Earth‘s newest beach resort stands here to tell the story of the island through its myriad experiences. Click here

6 Luxury Heritage Hotels That Are Not In Rajasthan Chittoor Kottaram

The Rajah of Cochin derived sovereignty in divination and constructed a temple for his family deity in the quiet hamlet of Chittoor near Kochi. Realizing the need to stay close to this temple, he soon built a manor just fifty yards away. Simple, elegant, and regal—it housed an entourage that would cater to him on his visits. Today, this exquisite manor is known as Chittoor Kottaram, operated by resplendent luxury brand CGH Earth. Click here

Vasudha Rai on a transformative wellness journey in Kerala

Our first stop is Prakriti Shakti, a naturopathy clinic atop the Panchalimedu Hills, part of the densely forested, mountainous Idukki district. This is a wellness centre for purists—its minimal, elegant structure was built on-site with materials sourced locally. Glass panels bring in warmth and light, with views across the valley. Click here

Three magic stories that created a Naturalist aspirant Wayanad Wild

In May 2022, we stayed in another property called Wayanad Wild, a CGH group hotel. This is situated at the top of a hill, and about 40 Kms from After the rain. We’ve been regular customers of CGH, and we’ve heard rave reviews about Wayanad Wild. So, our expectation from this property was high. Click here

Detox Covid blues: India’s rich travelling to exotic and secluded locations to boost immunity

Other luxury wellness destinations such as CGH Earth Wellness that owns ayurveda and naturopathy centers like Kalari Kovilakam, Prakriti Shakthi, SwaSwara in Gokarna, and Bengaluru-based Ayurveda resorts Soukya Ayurveda and AyurvedaGram, too, are attracting rich Indians for their detox and holistic health programmes. Click here

Why Active Holidays Amidst Nature Are Exactly What You Need In 2022

Travel doesn’t end when you reach your destination; it’s just a stopover on your holiday journey. To get an intimate experience of the place, you must go out and explore the forest, swim in the river, sail across the lake, climb up the mountain, and dive into the sea, to get to know the heart and soul of the destination. These are the adventures you will remember and cherish for years to come. Here are some of the experiences waiting for you in the hills, backwaters, beaches, and rainforests of South India and the Andamans. Click here

What happened when I followed a raw food-only diet for a week

The spectacular infinity pool overlooking the undulating mist-clad Panchalimedu Hills in Kerala, above rubber plantations and cardamom estates, could have you fooled into believing you are at a spa resort. But make no mistake—the doctors and team at Prakriti Shakti, Clinic of Natural medicine by CGH Earth, gently remind you that this is a health clinic based on pure naturopathy. Click here


Picture a tranquil, tropical oasis with exotic foliage and dreamy backwaters. This idyllic locale is Kerala, situated in southwestern India – not what you would expect from a country known for its riot of sounds, sights and crowds. Kerala is laid back and serene. It’s especially alluring at Coconut Lagoon Heritage Resort and Ayurvedic Spa, a CGH Earth Hotel set in a sheltered cove in Kumarakom bordering Lake Vembanad – Kerala’s largest backwater lake. You can only get to this jewel of a retreat by boat, which adds to its charm. Click here


Enthält Werbung* In einer grünen Oase der Entschleunigung erwartet dich im Süden Indiens ein Yoga Urlaub, der dich bis in die Tiefen deines Köpers entspannen und verändern wird. Durch die heilende Kraft von Ayurveda, die beruhigende Wirkung von Yoga und einer vollwertigen Küche werden Körper und Geist sowohl von Innen und als auch von Außen gereinigt. Lass deinen stressigen Alltag in weite Ferne rücken, und begib dich auf eine Reise zu dir selbst… Click here


This new sanctuary nested in opulent paddy fields opens to a shrine set on a tree-lined temple tank. Cottages and bungalows scatter across preened gardens. Bathrooms with open-air showers thrill while the pool splashes urbanity upon the emphatic rural experience. On the restaurant’s gardened verandas relish vegetarian maharaja thalis whose compositions weave in nuanced flavours as intricate as the famous silk saris woven around here. Then the Mantra tea kadai charmingly recreates a village tea shop with complimentary local snacks. Discover fabled Kumbakonam Degree Coffee prepared fresh tumbling coffee across filters held a metre apart. Click here

SWASWARA Goa, India SwaSwara

Ascoltare il suono della propria voce: è questo il significato della parola Swaswara, che da il nome al centro ayurvedico in cui siamo state per otto giorni. Click here

Experience the Unexpected at Spice Village Spice Village

An eco-living experience in a re-imagined tribal village next to the Periyar forest, Spice Village is modelled on the dwellings of the native Manan tribe and exudes the raw spirit of unblemished nature. Click here

A Holiday that Heals Body, Mind and Soul SwaSwara

SwaSwara combines the ancient techniques of Ayurveda and yoga with the tranquility of Om Beach to offer the perfect getaway for a solo traveller. Click here

Relax into India the Easy Way at Palais de Mahe Palais de Mahe

First time visitors to India, or those winding down from a busy work life will welcome the ease and familiarity of French Colonial styled Pondicherry on the East coast of Southern India. Click here

Go Deeper in Pondicherry at Maison Perumal Maison Perumal

Get to Know Pondicherry’s Other Personalities in CGH Earth Style Click here

A Rich and Relaxing Tamil Temple Experience at Mantra Koodam Mantra Koodam

Travelers across South India often plan a stop to see the ancient Chola Dravidian architecture Brihadishwara Temple at Tanjuvar. However also on the Hindu pligram trail is Kumbakonam where CGH Earth’s Mantra Koodam is offering an alternate Tamil temple experience in affordable luxury. Click here

Staying at The Brunton Boatyard, a Fort Kochi Heritage Hotel – India Brunton Boatyard

One of the things that I look for when I travel is places and experiences that connect me to the culture and history of a destination. This comes in a variety of shapes. It could be a local dish, a journey by public transport or staying at a historic place. This is why I was so excited about my stay at the Brunton Boartyard, a heritage hotel in Fort Kochi that is steeped in local history in more than one way. Click here

Heed the Call of the Wilderness Wayanad Wild

Cascading, misty hills. Magical rainforests. The sounds of the wild. Fall in love with natural wonders at Wayanad Wild. Click here

Live the Timelessness of Chettinad Visalam

Chettiar legacy. 19th century mansions. Spicy cuisine. Journey through an era when you stay at Visalam. Click here

Invoking the spirit of God’s Own Country Coconut Lagoon

When you think of Kerala, you conjure up images of coconut groves swaying in the breeze, houseboats drifting across backwaters, vast paddy fields enshrouding verdant villages, and vibrant cultures thriving in colours of the land. To capture this essence of a state blessed by nature, needs a special kind of place. And Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom has managed to do just that. Shrouded in the lyrical legacy of the destination, it takes you to Kerala of the magical past. Click here

Responsible Travel in Kumarakom: Coconut Lagoon Kerala Coconut Lagoon

The words “Kerala Backwaters” are likely to conjure up images of dreamy, tranquil floating with not much to do, or simply, messing about in boats in one of the most picturesque parts of Southern India. There’s a certain irony in their name though, for – far from being sleepy backwaters – parts of Kerala’s famed waterways have become touristed en-masse. To a certain extent this self-acclaimed “Venice of the East” is afflicted by many of the same problems as its distant Italian cousin. Click here

Education for the benefit of nature Spice Village

The hotel group CGH Earth begins its environmental education projects at an early stage. On Earth Day, Spice Village invited schoolchildren and gave them a tour of the resort’s premises and its sustainable and eco-friendly measures. Click here

Team ELLE schoot een modeserie in India en ging er ook meteen op verkenningstocht Bangalore en Kerala doe je zo. Marari Beach

Picture dit: douchen in de buitenlucht met een kikker aan je voeten, in slaap vallen bij een krekelconcert, mediteren, een ayurvedische massage of een yogasessie aan de kalme vloedlijn van de zee. Marari Beach is een strandresort waar je het fijne gevoel hebt bij te dragen aan een betere wereld terwijl je zelf ultiem geniet. ‘Ecology, Community, Culture’ is de missie van het resort en die missie vind je terug in details, zoals duurzame glazen waterflessen en potjes van aardewerk met shampoo en lotion in de badkamer. Click here


A few minutes away from the CGH Earth Brunton Boatyard in Fort Kochi is another hotel branch of CGH Earth Hotels. This is the CGH Earth Eighth Bastion. During the sunset, I remember doing a lovely walk from the fishing nets to the beach and after a bit finding myself in this second branch of CGH Earth Hotels in Fort Kochi. Click here


Walking around the Fort Kochi already tells a good sum up of the history of Cochi. They have the still-standing the oldest church built by Europeans, St. Francis Church; the 500-year old Portuguese Mansion, the Vasco house; the Dutch’s bastion-turned-museum, the Bastion Bungalow; and the former elite club of the British, the Cochin Club. Click here

Chettinad Guide: Magnificent Mansions, Peppery Cuisine, and Antique Markets - National Geographic Traveller India Visalam ˗ April 17, 2015 Visalam

Over a century ago, daily life in the villages of Chettinad in eastern Tamil Nadu would have been very different. The sounds of women’s anklets, the laughter of children, the aroma of freshly-ground spices would have filled the imposing mansions of Chettinad built around the 19th and early 20th century. The region comprises some 78 villages, dominated by the prosperous Nattukotai Chettiar community of businessmen and bankers. Karaikudi is the region’s principal town. Click here

Get To The Heart Of The Wild, Mingle With Pristine Nature ˗ Destination Kerala Wayanad Wild ˗ March 2017 Wayanad Wild

Wayanad: A bumpy road just after the hairpin bends on the Ghat road leads up to CGH Earth’s ‘Wayanad Wild’ ( in Lakkidi. The bone-rattling journey up through the rainforest in the resort’s four-wheel-drive was a good preparation for the wonders that lie ahead. The air was filled with the chirping sound of crickets, and from the winding road, I could see the gates of Wayanad Wild. Click here

East Indies, Cochin, India (Alissa and Don Eat Asia Day 18, Part 1) - Ministry of Gluttony East Indies ˗ February 12, 2013 Eighth Bastion

Black Berry Resort had majorly stuffed up. I had spoken to a guy who I feared was being too blasé when I made arrangements for our early morning departure, and my concerns were proven to be justified. Having a midday reservation in Cochin on the way to the airport, it was important for us to leave at 6:30am as per my request so we would get to Cochin with ample time to make the 12pm. So when we arrived at reception to find that no arrangements were made I was rather furious with the guy I’d spoken to the day before. We ended up waiting for an hour and 15 minutes before our taxi arrived. Get this - first car that was sent to pick us up apparently broken down on the way (I know, right?) and the hotel staff simply didn’t think this this additional delay was useful information to share with us. Click here

Séjourner au Palais de Mahé Palais de Mahe

Ses trois étages jaune curry, ses colonnes traditionnelles et son sublime mobilier en cannage et coton ne doivent pas vous tromper : cet hôtel n'est pas un établissement historique. Mais CGH Earth, chaine hôtelière lancée en 1954, a à cœur d'entretenir le patrimoine indien, de le restaurer ou d'en préserver la richesse. Si le Palais de Mahé a été entièrement refait à l'identique des maisons coloniales (avec le soutien d'une association spécialisée dans la sauvegarde du patrimoine de Pondichéry), d'autres adresses du groupe accueillent les clients dans des lieux historiques, à l'instar de la Maison Pérumal, établissement du 18e siècle réhabilité en hôtel et restaurant franco-tamoule. Click here

Exploring Kerala with CGH Earth, Coconut Lagoon - BOE Magazine (The Business of Everything) Coconut Lagoon ˗ February 01, 2016 Coconut Lagoon

Approaching Coconut Lagoon from the shore, drifting across serene backwaters as the sun slowly dips below the horizon ˗ a fiery coin surrounded by a pink blush of sky ˗ sets the tone for the kind of place you’re about to experience. It really does take your breath away. There’s that beautiful stillness of dusk; the caw of one of the myriad of water birds that make their homes here; the swish of coconut trees caught by the breeze. A moment of utter peace. Click here

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Wander Around in Pondicherry Darling - Plume Voyage Maison Perumal January 02, 2015 Maison Perumal

Surrounded by bougainvillea and makeshift motorbikes, why not get on a bicycle to see the sights of Pondicherry? It is easy enough to find your way around: the city is divided into squares. Just behind the seafront and its long promenade, you will find the White City: dignified and French, with a touch of history. 

12 Incredible Hotels for Art Lovers in India - Huffington Post SwaSwara ˗ May 12, 2016 SwaSwara

Aside from the usual offerings (yoga, Ayurveda) that are available for soul-searching travellers, SwaSwara also places a heavy emphasis on art therapy. “The beauty of art is that there is no rigid definition of everything in life, and teaches tolerance and with unencumbered acceptance,” says Mini Chandran, general manager. “It encourages people to think and look out of the mental boxes most of us have unconsciously interred ourselves in, and frees the inner child hidden within.” Click here

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Falling in love with the ancient arts at SwaSwara ˗ Queen of Retreats SwaSwara SwaSwara

I went to SwaSwara, which spills down green hills to a sacred Om-shaped beach, to recover from an intense project. I wanted yoga and ayurvedic massage, and the highest quality and luxury, but not some bland, international or expat version of these ancient arts. Click here

Footfall Without Footprints ˗ The Hindu SwaSwara ˗ March 17, 2013 SwaSwara

Tourism has received adverse criticism due to its perceived threat to the environment as it makes inroads into ecologically sensitive regions and biodiversity hotspots. This derives mainly from the perception that tourism, be it high-end luxury hotels or low-end mass tourism, can blight landscapes by leaving its undesirable footprints by consuming local resources and generating undesirable waste. Sustained accumulation of such footprints alongside unplanned and unregulated development far exceeds the carrying capacity of the locality. SwaSwara , meaning inner voice, is a unique experiment where tourists literally do not leave any footprints behind. Surrounded by dense forests, the 26.5 acre property is located on the famous ‘Om’ beach at Gokarna, some 180 km south of Goa. Click here

Next time I’ll see the real India ˗ Passage to India P2 ˗ Some Good Life SwaSwara ˗ November 9, 2011 SwaSwara

Phase two of my Indian holiday, an eco-retreat. Arguably a few days in Mumbai plus a spa week don’t count as the real India. Perhaps I only glimpsed the country as a passenger peering out car windows on purposeful journeys first through multi-national, western-ish Mumbai then the remote rural villages and semi-towns in the south. Every so often I did pause to soak up local culture ˗ shopping at a roadside vegetable market, learning to eat biryani (rice dish) with yogurt served on a coconut leaf with my hands, praying at a Shiva temple in the seaside village of Gokarna, watching ritual chanting at a Brahmin house, snacking on two plump veggie samosas and a masala dosa (savoury pancake) from Udupi Café for Rs 50.00 or roughly .64 pence ˗ the real, incredible India. My next trip I’ll discover more authentic-traditional-modern-day India, but for now on to SwaSwara. Click here

Holidays with Soul: Indian Wellness Getaways for Every Budget ˗ National Geographic Traveller India SwaSwara ˗ September 6, 2016 SwaSwara

Named from the Sanskrit words for “self” and “sound”, SwaSwara aims for guests to tune in to their inner voice—firstly, by providing a 26-acre property where all one hears is the hush of the ocean. Guests begin their day at the Ayurvedic wellness retreat with sunrise yoga classes, and follow up with massages as part of the treatment prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor. Hit deep, relaxing states of mind with meditation sessions and walks on nearby Om beach, or find your zen with pottery and art classes. SwaSwara also arranges hiking, boating, and kayaking excursions. Catch sunset views of the ocean from the yoga deck atop each of the 24 villas, made of local laterite stone and thatch. The focus on “local” translates into meals comprised of freshly caught seafood, and vegetables and fruits from the organic garden. And if it all seems a bit too clean, the resort serves Indian wines. Click here

Responsible Tourism: An Effort By CGH Earth Group ˗ Outlook Traveller SwaSwara ˗ November 3, 2015 SwaSwara

He carried his resignation letter in his pocket for a month, a bright young Bombay-based CA with a promising career in a big -ticket firm, and newly married too. He really didn’t want to give it all up for his family’s hotel business in ol’ Cochin. But persistent letters and trunk calls from his ailing father finally persuaded him to hand in the notice. Only for two years, the oldest of six sons told himself, till at least a couple of his brothers finished their studies, and off he would go. “That was in 1978,” recalls Jose Dominic, now the 65-year-old patriarch of the CGH Earth Group. “I got sucked in and never left. Tourism was only beginning to gain relevance back then. It was among the most heavily taxed sectors, in fact. It was very different from what we see today.” Click here

Exploring Kerala with CGH Earth, Brunton Boatyard ˗ BOE Magazine (The Business of Everything) Brunton Boatyard ˗ March 21, 2016 Brunton Boatyard

It’s easy to imagine, a hundred years ago or more, the hulking timber forms of ships, masts outstretched, approaching Fort Cochin and being greeted by the glowing cream facade of Brunton Boatyard Hotel. The sea-facing rooms, with their ample balconies and comfortable whicker chairs, might hold waving guests who are spying out dolphins; the impressive outdoor pool would be resplendent with genteel folk taking their morning dip; and visitors would be clustered round the wrought iron tables of The Cafe, sipping Masala Chai. There is something about Brunton Boatyard that evokes nostalgia ˗ reminiscent of a more romantic time. Click here

Sunset, Dolphins And Heritage Galore At Brunton Boatyard In Cochin ˗ LBB Bangalore Brunton Boatyard Brunton Boatyard

With the picturesque harbour for a backyard, and a stately Victorian building to call home, Brunton Boatyard will be one of the things to make you want to go back to Cochin. Click here

A Boatyard Turned Boutique Hotel ˗ The Urge to Wander Brunton Boatyard ˗ March 15, 2016 Brunton Boatyard

You wouldn’t imagine from its almost monastic architecture, that this beautiful boutique hotel was resurrected from the remains of a Victorian ship building yard just under seventeen years ago.  A resurrection that appears to have taken pains to recreate the Portuguese/ Dutch Colonial vibe so intrinsic to Fort Cochin. Click here

A Love For Indian Cuisine ˗ The New Indian Express Brunton Boatyard ˗ May 9, 2015 Brunton Boatyard

As David Rocco stepped out of the Brunton Boatyard, hotel at Fort Kochi, a bus screeched to a halt in front of him. “Where do you want to go”? Said the conductor. ‘To the barber shop’ said David. The conductor nodded, David got on. And it stopped in front of a barber shop. “This can happen only in India”, says David. “A public transport bus makes an unscheduled stop, just for one person. And that is also the beauty of the country. It is so unpredictable” Click here

A Sweetness Called India ˗ The Hindu Brunton Boatyard ˗ March 13, 2015 Brunton Boatyard

David Rocco, anchor and producer of the TV show Dolce India, sees himself as an ambassador of India promoting the country through its distinctive cuisine and culture His beloved pasta has got curried and the tiramisu ‘coconutty’. But David Rocco, anchor and executive producer of Dolce India, a programme that showcases the wealth of Indian cuisine and the diversity of its culture, is excited about such innovative crossovers. Click here

Dispatches from Fort Kochi: The Brunton Boatyard - An ode to seafarers and the sea ˗ Nicobar Brunton Boatyard Brunton Boatyard

Just down the road from David Hall is The Brunton Boatyard. When you walk onto this beautiful, sprawling property, you walk right back in time and into a Victorian Shipyard. Its open-air reception is almost deck-reminiscent, and it is always home to a cool sea breeze. In its main courtyard you’ll find a giant restored anchor, around which the hotel is built. The hotel might be a relatively new structure, but it is so in sync with its surrounds that it melds effortlessly with Kochi’s other, more-historic facades. Click here

Live Like The French did In Pondicherry At Palais De Mahe ˗ LBB, Bangalore Palais de Mahe Palais de Mahe

When in Pondicherry, you might as well live the way the French Colonials did — in a heritage house with palatial rooms. And Palais de Mahe gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Click here

11 Ways to Enjoy Puducherry - Condé Nast Traveller Palais de Mahe ˗ February 19, 2013 Palais de Mahe

Located on Perumal Koil Street in the Tamil Quarter is Maison Perumal, a Chettiar mansion beautifully restored by CGH Earth. Like in a house, the rooms are left unnumbered and the courtyard restaurant bears no name. Dine on the day’s fixed menu of fresh seafood platters surrounded by ooralis (brass troughs), sepia-tinted photos and stain-glass panes glinting in the sun. Click here

Exploring Kerala with CGH Earth, Marari Beach - BOE Magazine (The Business of Everything) Marari Beach ˗ February 20, 2016 Marari Beach

Continuing our new travel series, Rebecca Anne Milford heads to Kerala with Jet Airways. Here she explores the charms of Gods’ Own Country with CGH Earth, and discovers the unparalleled beauty of Marari Beach.  Click here

Sustainable by Tradition ˗ CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon ˗ Green Pearls ˗ Unique Places Coconut Lagoon ˗ October 11, 2016 Coconut Lagoon

In our series “Sustainable by Tradition“, I look behind the scenes of the sustainable Green Pearls® Hotels. I would like to know more about the long traditions and history behind the properties and hosts, that make the hotels what they are today: unique green pearls. This second episode of the series leads us to Kottayam in India, where the Coconut Lagoon Resort awaits us with traditional architecture and values. Click here

10 Places for a Good Night’s Sleep ˗ Green Pearls - Unique Place Spice Village ˗ September 18, 2015 Spice Village

At CGH Earth Spice Village, guests will feel like royalty in the majestic wooden beds. The completely untouched village in the middle of South India’s nature, excludes loud traffic noises and any sounds that disturbs a good night’s sleep. Rather, guests wake up to the happy chirping sound of birds, starting each day close to nature. Click here

Spice Village ˗ an Organic Ecotourism Resort ˗ Women Travel Spice Village ˗ March 9, 2015 Spice Village

A room key in recycled newspaper was a signal this was going to be different to the last experience on #keralablogexpress where I stayed in the presidential suite with my own infinity pool. This is an ecostay experience ˗ no show of elephants and drums here at Spice Village. Click here

Tamilnadu India: A Journey Through The Tropical Southern State - Independent Visalam ˗ February 20, Friday Visalam

Of all the hoary old clichés that attend to travel dispatches from India, perhaps none is so reliable as the claim that it is better understood as a continent than a country. Indeed, so hardy is this journalistic perennial that, even when not spelt out explicitly, you can almost smell writers grasping for it as they try to comprehend the vastness of Britain’s inherited jewel. Click here

Food to Fly for: Tasting Tamilnadu ˗ Sunday Times Visalam ˗ June 12, 2011 Visalam

Culinary is culture, in this southern state of India, even elevated to artistic heights, says Devanshi Mody. CGH Visalam: This beautiful heritage hotel, set in Chettinad’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an epicurean idyll. Visalam’s cuisine is presented by 22-year-old wonder boy Chef Ashwin, his equally young team and their “secret weapon,” a village lady Pandia Yammal, the only woman in the kitchen. They can shame most three-Michelin-starred chefs with impeccably executed Chettinad dishes. Click here

Tamilnadu Takes Off ˗ Verve Visalam ˗ April 18, 2012 Visalam

Tamil Nadu, India’s must-visit state, has more temples than Italy has churches, and boasts India’s greatest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are not impressed by this, join the devotees who plan pilgrimages here principally for the prasadam! Still not convinced? Visit simply to enjoy the mouth-watering local cuisine which Verve declares beats the fare at most Michelin-starred establishments. Click here

Experience the Unexpected at Spice Village Spice Village

Website-media center An eco-living experience in a re-imagined tribal village next to the Periyar forest, Spice Village is modelled on the dwellings of the native Manan tribe and exudes the raw spirit of unblemished nature. Click here

Brunton Boatyard a nautical blast from the past Brunton Boatyard

Entering the lobby of the Brunton Boatyard, off the traffic-filled streets of Cochin, is stepping into another world. During a recent site inspection of the hotel, a sturdy wood reception desk caught my eye first, a commanding presence in a space designed to evoke the essence of the site's history. Dating to the late 1800s, the Brunton Boatyard was home to the prestigious shipbuilding company George Brunton & Sons. Today the five-star hotel, owned by CGH Earth (formerly Casino Group of Hotels), is both one of the city's finest properties and an exhibition of its South Indian roots. Click here

A quaint getaway, a modern stay-cation, or a glamorous honeymoon - lovers got lots to choose from. Chittoor Kottaram in Kerala is one of them. Chittoor Kottaram

As the monsoon rains are ready to provide the perfect backdrop to your romantic escape, we suggest you take a break at God's Own Country. A world of warm, laidback, and elegant hospitality awaits you at Chittoor Kottaram. Resting on the banks of the quaint backwaters of Kerala, the heritage mansion is witness to over three centuries of history. Today, Chittoor Kottaram is the home of Lady Hamlyn of The Helen Hamlyn Trust and she has partnered with CGH Earth to bring this experience to holiday makers seeking privacy.

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