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An Unforgettable Journey into the world of South Indian Cuisine CGH Earth Experience Hotels ˗ March 2017

Any visit to India is a gastronomic experience, but few tours focus entirely on the cuisine of a region. This special 12-day group journey, in association with CGH Earth hotels, is accompanied by one of the group’s executive chefs and promises to be a very special experience. Travelling from Chennai south through Tamil Nadu, the spice and coffee plantations of the Western Ghats and ending by the sea in historic Fort Kochi, this tour includes stays in historic Pondicherry, Chettinad, Periyar and the Keralan town of Kochi. Exploring the food, history and culture of this vast and cosmopolitan region, highlights include a 21-dish Chettinad wedding feast and a traditional Keralan lunch on a working plantation. Click here

‘India Isn’t a Melting Pot, It Is A Thali’ - Condé Nast Traveller CGH Earth Experience Hotels ˗ February 19, 2016

Jose Dominic heads CGH Earth, which operates ‘travel experiences’ across 16 properties in India. The group has adopted a model in tourism development where environmental sensitivity, community inclusion and adoption of local ethos creates consumer value. “Wherever in the subcontinent we may be located, we draw from the idea of India. In our offerings, we use the healing legacy of Ayurveda, yoga and other inherently Indian philosophies.  Click here

Sustainable India Journeys: Eco Tourism Blossoms ˗ Green Pearls CGH Earth ˗ July 21, 2015

"I love India! I hate India!" These are the two diverse answers Indian travel blogger Sankara gets about the country of extremes. India, this means: vibrant mega cities, stunning architecture, colorful saris, the place of origin of Yoga and beguiling odors. However also extreme poverty, an unfair caste system and tremendous environmental pollution characterize the South Asian state. Nevertheless, India ranks number one in a study that describes consumer behavior toward environmentally sustainable consumption worldwide. Thanks to people as blogger Sankara and hotelier George Dominic. Click here

CGH Earth, India ˗ National Geographic Traveller CGH Earth ˗ October 27, 2016

A collection of 16 boutique hotels, resorts and ayurvedic centres scattered across Southern India, CGH Earth offers travellers an unforgettable experience that will immerse them in the nature, culture and heritage of their destination. Click here

CGH Earth Group Bags the Outlook Traveller Award! September 22, 2016

The CGH Earth Group from Kochi Gets Yet Another Feather On It ’s Cap ! Outlook Traveller had earlier announced the first ever Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2016 (IRTA) to identify and applaud hotels, homestays, tours operators, and other holiday providers, who are working very hard to make all travel, conscious travel in this country. It included various categories like Best contribution to wildlife conservation, Best innovation by a tour operator, Best for cultural immersion, Best community ˗ based homestay project, Best built heritage conservation and Best RT property. The CGH Earth group, known as the pioneers in eco ˗ tourism, has been awarded the ‘Outlook Traveller Boutique Hotel Award’ in the Best Responsible Hotel category. Click here

We need to talk about Lakshadweep ˗ Condé Nast Traveller Bangaram Island Resort ˗ November 9, 2016

The first time Mitali Kakkar visited Lakshadweep, she boarded the Tipu Sultan, a ship out of Kochi, and spent nearly a full day sailing east. After pulling? into a couple of the bigger islands, the vessel anchored off Kadmat, and a little boat, the Omana Poo, came to collect her family and take them ashore. The year was 1993, and although Rajiv Gandhi had famously spent a holiday in Lakshadweep a few years earlier, the islands still received only a trickle of visitors. “It was unexplored, totally pristine,” Kakkar said. “I couldn’t believe this was a part of India.” Click here

A quaint getaway, a modern stay-cation, or a glamorous honeymoon - lovers got lots to choose from. Chittoor Kottaram in Kerala is one of them.

As the monsoon rains are ready to provide the perfect backdrop to your romantic escape, we suggest you take a break at God's Own Country. A world of warm, laidback, and elegant hospitality awaits you at Chittoor Kottaram. Resting on the banks of the quaint backwaters of Kerala, the heritage mansion is witness to over three centuries of history. Today, Chittoor Kottaram is the home of Lady Hamlyn of The Helen Hamlyn Trust and she has partnered with CGH Earth to bring this experience to holiday makers seeking privacy.

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Chittoor Kottaram in the Luxe List 2017


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Brunton Boatyard a nautical blast from the past

Entering the lobby of the Brunton Boatyard, off the traffic-filled streets of Cochin, is stepping into another world. During a recent site inspection of the hotel, a sturdy wood reception desk caught my eye first, a commanding presence in a space designed to evoke the essence of the site's history. Dating to the late 1800s, the Brunton Boatyard was home to the prestigious shipbuilding company George Brunton & Sons. Today the five-star hotel, owned by CGH Earth (formerly Casino Group of Hotels), is both one of the city's finest properties and an exhibition of its South Indian roots. Click here

Why Kerala (India) Is Our New Favorite Place to Escape Winter

The lush state of Kerala, located in the southern peninsula of India, is touted as “God’s own Country.” With such a bold tourism slogan, you can expect the bar to be set pretty high. Well, Kerala does not disappoint. It’s filled with pristine beaches, houseboats floating in clear backwaters, spicy Indian food, and fun-loving people. It’s perfect for a yoga retreat, an adventure holiday, or an eco-friendly vacation. Now that’s a pretty divine package. If you haven’t added Kerala to your travel plans to escape the frigid winter, here’s why you need to do so right away. Click here

Here’s Why KERALA Continues to Be One of the Top Tourist Destinations of India - February 01, 2018

Right from arrival at Kochi, the world’s first all-solar-powered airport, visitors can see a trending move towards conscious living. When it comes to yogic rejuvenation or Ayurveda detox retreats, Kerala has it mastered. Its authentic cultural tourism is an attraction even to Indians from other states. And then there are the spice gardens and languorous backwaters. Above all, serenity and harmony. A week in Kerala is indeed heavenly balm for the weary soul. Click here

How to experience the true Kerala

Bored with sterile 5 star luxury? So am I. For a different 5 star experience and a truly authentic taste of Kerala, check out CGH Earth Hotels, the most original small chain of hotels in India. Eco-conscious, local, loveable. Click here

My Quick and Easy Guide to a Great South India Holiday

I love affordable, small and local heritage luxury. I love being spoiled by people who are passionate about sharing their food, culture and traditions. I know there’s plenty of great places to stay in India, but I always find what I love at the CGH Earth Experience Hotels. CGH Earth has gorgeous properties in renovated heritage mansions and traditional architecture right across South India from East to West. Click here

Travel in Pursuit of Wonder

There was a time when a good holiday meant a beautiful destination with great accommodation; trip souvenirs were just a bunch of photographs. Today, travel isn’t just about that; it’s more about where that destination takes you. We no longer want to collect just photographs, we want to hoard memories. Click here


Luxus für die Seele – das sind die vier ökologisch und sozial nachhaltigen CGH Earth Health Retreats im südindischen Bundesstaat Kerala, die für einen harmonischen Einklang von Körper, Geist und Seele sorgen. Click here

What happened when I followed a raw food-only diet for a week

The spectacular infinity pool overlooking the undulating mist-clad Panchalimedu Hills in Kerala, above rubber plantations and cardamom estates, could have you fooled into believing you are at a spa resort. But make no mistake—the doctors and team at Prakriti Shakti, Clinic of Natural medicine by CGH Earth, gently remind you that this is a health clinic based on pure naturopathy. Click here

CGH Earth: The best Kerala hotels and resorts

Kerala is often called “God’s own country.” It’s a beautiful, tropical state in South India with palm-tree lined beaches, an extensive system of Backwaters, rolling green hills, wildlife and tiger reserves, and much, much more. Kerala is a soft landing for first time visitors to India, and a gentle respite from some of the more hectic parts of the country. There’s a lot to see and do all over the state. This post is a suggested itinerary based on a 10-day trip I took with photographer Andrew Adams to five Kerala hotels and resorts managed by CGH Earth. Click here

Best places to visit in Kerala, India

In my “Best places to visit in India” series, I’m focusing on Kerala in this post. In January, on a trip to Kerala with CGH Earth, I visited some of the best places to visit in Kerala and discovered some new Kerala destinations – from beaches to Backwaters, from spice gardens to national parks. Click here

Ayurveda, Terapi Kesehatan Dari India Patut Dicoba

India terkenal dengan teknik penyembuhan yang memadukan teknik pemijatan untuk membantu terapi pasien, yang disebut Ayurveda. Teknik India kuno ini merupakan pengobatan holistik yang mencakup jiwa atau kehidupan emosional dan spiritual dalam rangkaian pengobatannya. Click here

Selarikan Minda, Tubuh & Jiwa Dengan Ayurveda

Ayurveda (‘ayur’ bermaksud kehidupan dan ‘veda’ bermaksud pengetahuan atau sains) yang dianggap sebagai salah satu sistem penyembuhan holistik yang tertua di dunia memberi tumpuan pada keseimbangan minda, tubuh dan jiwa dengan pendekatan terapeutik yang menyelami teras personaliti, sifat dan gaya hidup seseorang. Pendekatan kuno ini bukan sekadar satu sistem untuk menyembuhkan penyakit; amalan penyembuhannya juga memberi saranan amalan gaya hidup yang lengkap untuk kehidupan tanpa penyakit. Click here

4 Day Trip in Kerala, India – The Best Kerala Itinerary

I visited India for the very first time, and it was a memorable 12-day tour of South India with Travel XS, starting from the west end of Kochi in Kerala all the way to the east end of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. If you’re looking to visit India, here’s an ultimate guide to 4 days and 3 nights in Kerala with some of the best things to do, restaurants and accommodations in Kochi, Alleppey and Thekkady. Click here

What is new on the menu for India?

At the most basic level, Danish chef Claus Meyer’s philosophy was to introduce love into cooking as a rebellion against the culture of microwaving and the lack of imagination in making food in his country from the 1960s, when women first started to go to work. This thought and the work that went into this, led him to helm the Nordic Food Manifesto in 2002, which gave Meyer the status of founding father of the New Nordic Cuisine. Click here

Mariellen Ward: The 59-Year-Old Travel Blogger On Being Relevant In The Age of Millennials.

Canada born, award-winning travel blogger at, Mariellen Ward is a digital storyteller who whips up delicious stories around her extensive travels in India, abroad and those around being a solo traveller. By Charu Chowdhary Click here

On Pondicherry’s Platter

A writer eats his way through haute Indian cuisine, regional firecrackers, and organic fare in the coastal town. Click here

4 Day Trip in Kerala, India – The Best Kerala Itinerary

One of the best ways to explore a new country is by going on a road trip, and that’s exactly what I did for my trip to South India which included a 4 day trip in Kerala. Click here

Kerala Backwaters

There is about 1000 km of lakes, rivers and canals criss-crossing Kerala providing irrigation, transportation and communication. These stretches of water, just inland from the Arabian Sea, are the backwaters. Pam and Jeff talk about their experience at Spice Coast Cruises, CGH Earth’s houseboats. Click here

Tantalising Tamilnadu

Legend-steeped Tamil Nadu pulsates with over 100,000 temples. Think millennial architectural marvels whose soaring tops dizzyingly stack sculpted divinity, deities from the tremendous pantheon of Hindu gods.

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50 amazing ambassadors of sustainable travel

From introducing solar power at airports to training vulnerable women to become guides, here are 50 people striving to make a difference to the world Click here

20 simple ways to go green in 2020

Segregating your waste? Carrying your tote for grocery shopping? Switching to a bamboo toothbrush? There’s more to be done. Here are 20 easy yet impactful ways for you to make a difference Click here

This wellness retreat in Gokarna is the perfect escape for weary city dwellers

A big house. A small coterie of friends. And a well-paying job. I had everything going for me. But deep inside, I felt that urban life was whizzing past me without acknowledging my existence. I needed a sense of fulfilment and a place of solace that only nature could provide. And my quest led me to CGH Earth’s SwaSwara Click here

An Exotic Getaway Just Reopened + You Should Not Miss It!

I can’t think of a better antidote to an extended home stay than an escape to fascinating India with its spectacular potpourri of colors, flavors and aromas to delight your senses. And with the news that the country started reopening its hotels, resorts, temples and tourist attractions Click here

Top 10 Hotels for Romance — India Dreamy stays that couples love.

Best Sea facing view Hotel in Fort Kochi - “100% true hospitality ” Click here

Indulge In Holistic Healing At These Wellness Retreats & Spas In India

Translating to ‘your inner voice’, SwaSwara doubles as a place to refocus and recalibrate oneself. Aligned to this ideology are the various wellness offerings. Click here

Moonlit Cycling, Poetry and Other Meaningful Things to do in Fort Kochi.

It wasn’t love at first sight when I first visited Fort Kochi some 8 years ago. Merely passing through the city, perhaps the riot of sights, sounds and smells overwhelmed my senses. Click here