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" A legacy of love " 70 year old Chettinad Mansion

The palatial home of Kanadukathan village.

Visalam is a heritage house of rare distinction. It is an endearing symbol of paternal love that equally captures the soul of Chettinad, a region renowned for its palatial homes, fiery cuisine and colourful culture. This CGH Earth experience is a window to the unique ways of life of the prosperous trading community of the Chettiars of Tamil Nadu.

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  • Reviewed 20 February 2022
Absolutely incredible property. We were due to stay at the Bangala but due to an Omicron outbreak they moved us here and I honestly think we got a better deal. The attention to detail in the refurbishment is absolutely incredible...- Elizabeth Chapman ,
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Experience Experiencing Visalam

Athangudy Tile makers


Aathangudy, a village situated about 10 Kms from Visalam is a place famous for its hand made tiles. There are over one hundred small-scale tile factories in this village where the entire tile making process is handmade.

Chettinad Architecture


Chettinad is the home to the Chettiars, a prosperous mercantile community. Apart from many other things this place is well known for its fiery cuisine and architecture. Most of the palatial 18th-century mansions that one will get to see here were built using materials imported from East Asian countries and Europe about 100 years ago.

Chettinad Cuisine


The celebrated Chettinad cuisine is one of the spiciest and the most aromatic in India. The fresh ground masalas give it the distinctive integrity in taste. The cuisine that is predominantly non-vegetarian stretches out into interesting snacks and delectable vegetarian dishes too.