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" A holiday to reconnect and reinvigorate your senses "  

SwaSwara means your inner voice and true to its name, this is a place of natural harmony to release, refocus and recalibrate the self.

Situated on Om beach, there is little, apart from the rhythm of the rolling waves and the melodious hum of birdsong, to disturb you in this peaceful sanctuary. Crafted in colours of the Earth, and in harmony with the land that nurtures her, SwaSwara is designed for a transformational experiences; a space where the beauty of the ocean and the magnificence of the wilderness come together with the healing touch of Ayurveda, the calming strength of Yoga, the joy of art exploration and more.

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20170410102007AMDestLogoswa-swara.pngWe have been here six times and it only gets better and better. Food is marvellous. Staff are efficient and charming. Yoga teachers are very good. Range of yoga offered is good. Ayurveda treatments and doctors are all very professional and caring.- Sally James , U.K
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Experience Experiencing SwaSwara

Balance through Mindfulness


You are embraced by all the elements of nature here to feel whole in body and spirit. A SwaSwara vacation promises the ultimate journey - a flight into the labyrinths of your innermost to find that sense of wellbeing once again.

Celebrating The Earth


SwaSwara is a celebration of simplicity and purity, saluting mother nature' wonders, delicately preserving her and adopting the local ethos of the community around us. Spiritually entwined with the earth that cradles her, SwaSwara prides in being born of the soil and merged with its soul.

Reinvigorate your Senses


A SwaSwara holiday is journey of discovery and fulfilment. It is a wholesome and deeply engaging experience that awaken your senses, makes you reconnect with nature, and in the process helps you to release and refocus on what is truly important, your self.