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" Into The Wilderness " Wild doesn't get better than in Wayanad.

Set deep in nature's backyard, is CGH Earth's experience of the wild and the natural in the hills of the Western Ghats.

Wayanad Wild is indeed a rare holiday where you get to meet nature in an unseen, unsullied and untamed manner! The forest is your constant companion, peeping in through your windows or assigning a pretty butterfly to eavesdrop on your lively chatter upon the balcony. To those smitten by raw nature, your experience starts with a 3.5 kms off-road ride to reach the forest lodge, even the pool offers front row seats to the unusual spectacles of the forest around.

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  • Reviewed 20 April 2022
The staff overall are very pleasant and helpful. The kitchen staff will do their best to meet everyone's dietary and special requests...- Jayita Saha ,
Experiencing Wayanad Wild

Birdlife Calling


The hills of Wayanad are home to a great many species of birds both common and rare. It is a paradise for bird lovers. The blue-tinted Malabar parakeet, the orange minivet, the flame throated bulbul and the crested serpent eagle are a few of them. Bird watching is an important part of any Wayanad holiday. Indulge your passion for birds at Wayanad Wild.

Flora and Fauna


Wayanad Wild is a holiday experience located in the rainforests of the Western Ghats in Lakkidi, North Kerala. One of eight hot-spots of biodiversity in the world, the Ghats are home to an abundant variety of fauna as well as majestic trees, gurgling streams and outlandish rock formations.

Wild and Cool


A holiday at Wayanad Wild is going to be a felt experience we can assure you. Simply put, it is an invitation to live in nature. To facilitate this our clusters of rooms are set up on lush green hill slopes with cozy and well-appointed bedrooms. However, they have no air conditioning as the air here is cool all year round, being at an altitude of 2,900 feet above sea level, that even during the summer you will find a sweater welcome in the mornings and evenings.