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" A Regal Simplicity " The abode of an erstwhile king

For lovers of history and heritage, where luxury emanates from the subtle riches of bespoke solitude.

Chitoor Kottaram as its very name implies was the royal residence of the erstwhile ruling family of Cochin when the king sought to take some time off from their worldly duties and pay homage to the family deity in the temple nearby. Little has changed since that time in this beautiful abode that still retains that sense of splendor and serenity for which it was originally made.

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20170410102226AMDestLogochittoor-kottaram.pngAs someone who has lived in four countries across 3 continents with a fair share of travel under my belt, I have to say that my experience at the Kottaram has made its way to the top of the pile. - Poorvi ,
Experiencing Chittoor Kottaram

Beat to the Local Pulse


The old town of Chittoor has not changed much since those times. You can get to feel its ancient pulse as you stroll through its streets, hear the peels of its temple bells and see local people go about their daily life at the pond or the market, purposefully yet unhurriedly, just as their ancestors did.

Life on the Backwaters


Kerala's backwaters are expansive and different parts of its large network, in different parts of the state, have their own salient characteristics. The Kochi backwaters are unique in their own way and we invite you to explore them more closely while at Chittoor Kottaram.

Fort Kochi's Colonial Heritage


Fort Kochi is a veritable treasure chest of colonial history. Even though many decades have elapsed since the last colonial ship sailed away from its shores, its stamp still glows visibly in Fort Kochi's museums, churches, cemeteries, shops, schools, cafes, hotels and home stays - many of which are housed in restored heritage buildings from those times.