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Live Like The French did In Pondicherry At Palais De Mahe ˗ LBB, Bangalore Palais de Mahe Palais de Mahe

When in Pondicherry, you might as well live the way the French Colonials did — in a heritage house with palatial rooms. And Palais de Mahe gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Click here

11 Ways to Enjoy Puducherry - Condé Nast Traveller Palais de Mahe ˗ February 19, 2013 Palais de Mahe

Located on Perumal Koil Street in the Tamil Quarter is Maison Perumal, a Chettiar mansion beautifully restored by CGH Earth. Like in a house, the rooms are left unnumbered and the courtyard restaurant bears no name. Dine on the day’s fixed menu of fresh seafood platters surrounded by ooralis (brass troughs), sepia-tinted photos and stain-glass panes glinting in the sun. Click here