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Nature Walks

Go on a guided nature walk through the woods with our experienced guide and learn about the lesser known facts about Malayattoor. Experience the untamed wild and on your walk don’t forget to look up and spot the colorful bird-life on our tree tops; and if you’re lucky, spot elephants too in their natural habitat. Listen to jungle lore under a canopy of multi-hued green, and come back with a greater knowledge of the forest and a higher sensitivity to the eco-system.

Night Walk

Go for a night walk around the island and discover the nocturnal inhabitants of the forest, like owls, civet cats and other creatures of the night. This walk introduces you to a whole new world of nocturnal beauty and wonderment, with the hum of the Periyar always in the background. Watch as the night forest comes to life. Observing how the Malayattoor forest changes through dusk to dawn is fascinating. During summer, you can even walk to the middle of the riverbed. A full moon or a new moon makes the night walk even more magical.


For wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and early risers, starting off with birding can be a spirited curtain raiser to a great day. Quiet by the River is a birder’s paradise with over 250 species of birds inhabiting Malayatoor. Spot a raptor, a brahminy, a lesser fish eagle and many more species that inhabit the forest. Go by boat to the neighbouring islands and the mainland, where you can spot these hidden winged wonders. You will be well-advised to carry a pair of binoculars and a sense of curiosity.

Sunset from a canoe

Sunset from a canoe There is no greater sight than that of the sun setting over the forest canopy, a sight best viewed from a country canoe in the middle of the Periyar river. Allow us to transport you to a world of calm on a gently rocking boat surrounded by the sounds of the forest and a gentle breeze. As you paddle on the still waters, witness the curtain fall on the day, as you listen to the sounds of the forest. You may want to bring your binoculars and camera to catch the wildlife that you may encounter along the shoreline.

Go fishing

Go on a canoe ride across the river and try your hand at fishing. There are no motorized boats to disturb the fish, thereby increasing your chances of getting lucky and catching the local varieties like Varaal, Manjakoori, Paral meen, Chempally, Tilapi etc.. While you’re at it, seek some inspiration from a kingfisher trying to catch a fish for its meal.

Natural pools

Quiet by the River is surrounded by the Periyar river on all sides, and the unique terrain forms natural hollows in the river that allow you to take a relaxing dip. These natural pools are just a short walk away from the lodge. They are ideal for a dip during springtime when the flora is at its greenest.

Rubber plantation visit

Visiting our rubber plantation is an incredibly interesting experience. Get a chance to watch local rubber tappers in action and get a first-hand experience of rubber being harvested from trees. Each tall, spindly tree is skirted with a polythene tutu to protect the latex which drips into a little cup strapped to the trunk below. Get up early – before dawn – and you can see the "tappers", carefully cutting thin strips of bark to release the milky fluid.

Exploring the organic farm

Take a guided tour of our organic farm located right next to the lodge with the ever-smiling Omana Chechi. Bite into a ripened starfruit, chickoo, guava or mango right from the tree. See how spices like nutmeg, cardamom and pepper are grown. You can also see the garden area where cabbage, chilly, spinach, drumstick, lemons etc. are grown. Most the ingredients used to prepare food at Quiet by the River are grown on our farm. You can even learn a few tips and tricks that you could incorporate into your own garden.

Star gazing

The clear night sky makes star gazing at Quiet by the River a memorable experience. Malayattoor is a paradise for star gazers, where the night sky lights up with the magnificence of the stars. Away from the light pollution of the city, you will be embraced by a magical blanket twinkling with a billion stars. All the lights in the lodge are turned off to make star gazing here a truly immersive experience. During summer, we will guide you to the middle of the river bed to further enhance your experience. We will also help you identify all the constellations. See if you can find your own star sign!

Infinity pool

The pool at Quiet by the River is the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day of adventure. It has a spectacular view of the beautiful Periyar river and the natural beauty of the Malayattoor forest with the gurgling stream and the chirping birds as the background score.

Cooking demo

At Quiet by the River, you can take our culinary secrets home with you. Our master chef will take you on a culinary adventure where he will help you discover all the intricacies of the regional specialties that you savoured during your stay. Watch an ordinary vegetable from our organic farm being transformed into a culinary masterpiece with the help of a few spices and secrets passed down through generations.