Vanvasa Resort
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"A Holiday in Exile "Easy, free and light in being

There are few hotels in the world conceived with a view to offering its guests the gift of silence and an awakening of the natural spirit.

VanaVasa, literally meaning forest stay, is an idea that aims to provide a setting in nature for self-exploration free from distractions, itineraries or activities. In other words, you unplug! We named this process 're-wilding' the self, an exercise to shed one's acquired patterns of thought and behavior and returning quite simply to the natural and the wild, the way we were designed to be!

Holiday AT VanaVasa
Holiday AT VanaVasa
Experiencing VanaVasa

The simple path to yourself


In our feverish rush to get on and 'make it' in life, we all too easily forget those things that make us truly happy. Sometimes we need to step back a bit from this circus of life and dare to reclaim that which is of real importance to us. Oftentimes it is a simple call to unclutter and unwind so that one can hear again the muted voice of one's lost self. And, unbelievably enough, this act of reclamation can be had through touching the earth deeply and being graced by the benevolence and goodness of nature.
This is the voyage of self-discovery and freedom, through a path of joy and simplicity, that awaits you at Vanavasa. It is a journey that you owe to your greater self!

The virtues of getting unplugged


Our lives have become an unhealthy extension of our smartphones and digital devices - always on, prodding us into constant movement and action. At Vanavasa you will know what it is to unplug from this demanding electronic world and appreciate the value and reward of being still for a change.
Disconnect from online life and connect with nature, we say. With no electricity, wifi or television, and only the sounds of the forest to entice or distract you, VanaVasa could be the digital detox that you badly needed.

Retreat into thyself


In ancient India, reclusive living for a short spell alone in a forest or isolated spot was recommended for rejuvenation of mind and body. CGH Earth's Vanavasa comes close to offering you this, bundling together an experience that is both a calming retreat and rejuvenating holiday. It is for those who seek to get away from the predictable and tiring rhythms of the city for a while and be restored by the charms of simple village life near a forest.