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Local excursions

If you are visited by an urge to explore your boundaries and seek out some other humans, pay a visit to the folk of the neighbouring villages and get to know them over a cup of Indian chai.

The forest beckons

Trekking through the forest near Vanavasa can be more than just physical adventure. It's deep silence and rhythm has the power to awaken your senses. Use the stream that separates VanaVasa and the forest as the metaphorical bridge you cross to find yourself.

Tap into primordial energy

For those in need of guided activities, we offer yoga and meditation sessions to take full advantage of the enriching energy of wild and pure nature so abundant in Vanavasa.

Farm With Us

A variety of interesting local farming practices abound in the villages around us. If you are blessed with green fingers then you can get to do some hands on farming. During the monsoon season you can join in to plant the seeds on our paddy beds. And if you are here during the harvest season then you get to share in the joy of the local people as they give thanks for a good year and celebrate the fruits of their toil.