Beach Gate Bungalows – Minimalist architecture, maximum comfort
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A charmingly colonial affair

Located in one of the quiet bylanes of Fort Kochi, Beachgate is your passport to a distinctive colonial living experience. Each of Beachgate's twin bungalows house 3 bedrooms, a living room and a study. The verandah and terrace open out onto a lush garden with a dining room and fully equipped kitchen overlooking a private pool.

It's The Little Things In Life

A fusion of styles

The architecture of the bungalows reflects a fused character, where the styles of the colonial past join today's post modern architecture in an appealing manner.

Private Pool

A big pool for you and your family to use all to yourself. Swim or splash with total abandon as you relax or reflect upon the captivating charms of Fort Kochi.

An enchanting garden

Set in a quiet corner of Fort Kochi, these bungalows sit in the middle of a lush and sprawling garden with magnificent rain trees planted by the British.