Casino Hotel, Business Hotel, Kochi
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A Signature Experience

Casino hotel offers a variety of rooms to suit different budgets and tastes. There are standard rooms and spaciously appointed suites with a separate non-smoking wing on the ground floor. Service has the distinct CGH Earth touch and is driven by environmentally sensitive practices as much as by efficiency - the hallmark of all CGH properties today.
Our range of rooms make for a range of living experiences and include Superior Rooms, Executive Rooms and Executive Suites.

It's The Little Things In Life

Salt Mineral Water Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is free of chlorine and chemical reagents that negatively affect eyes, skin or hair. Instead our pool has natural salts and minerals that are good for your skin while also protecting you from harmful bacteria. A soak or a swim will energise and spruce you up.

The luxury of space

We know only too well the value of space. With an area of 290 sq ft and all comforts, our bedrooms are inviting and indulging as much as they help you unwind and relax completely.

The cleansing Tree

A 50-year old Peepal tree (also called the Bodhi tree, Ficus religiosa) stands at the center of the hotel as an auspicious symbol of purity. Traditionally the Peepal, along with Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is considered to be a large giver of oxygen. It is believed to purify the surroundings where it is planted. We believe that our old tree does exactly this, providing you with a cleansed atmosphere during your stay.