Spice Coast Cruise-A floating hotel with cozy and comfortable spaces to relax in
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Live On Board The Kettuvallam

Our houseboats, adapted from the old Kettuvallams, are floating hotels designed to take care of your every need. An experience that is both indulgent and memorable.
Our bedroom cabins, in particular, are comfortable spaces to relax or rest deeply. They provide both privacy and protection from insects and the elements while keeping you intimately connected to nature around. Your sleep will be gilded with the rhythmic cries of cicadas on the shore and the gentle lapping of water against the sides of your floating bedroom as it weighs anchor at night at the lake's centre, awaiting dawn.

It's All In The Detail

Boat tales

Regular repair and maintenance is a requirement to keep the Kettuvallam made from traditional materials in water. What is interesting is that these boats are put back in after a final touch of fish oil on the wooden hull.

Split bamboo and coir roof

The traditional Kettuvallam and their present-day avatars plying the Vembanad lake today use bamboo splinters and coir roping to create a homogeneously curved roof with tremendous aesthetic impact. The roof splits ingeniously to create window flaps on the sides.

The fine art of building boats

The rare art of building a traditional Kettuvallam is a dying one and known only to a few skilled boat builders in the region today. We take pride in knowing that the sanctity of this unique handcraft - employing local materials and unusual ingredients like fish oil - continues to flourish in this age that is slowly giving way to the mechanized and digital.