Visalam - A palatial Chettinad home, Tamil Nadu
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Pages of history

Kanadugathan : a dynamic center of Chettiar communal and economic life.

Walking about the narrow streets of Kanadukathan - one of 9 villages of the prominent Chettiar community of these parts - you could be forgiven for having fallen back in time to a past that still looms large and casts its shadow upon the daily lives of people here ; where majestic villas, imposing colonial-style bungalows and other stately ruins of a bygone era trying to impress onlookers with their stature and grandeur. The marketplace is abuzz with activities that have not changed in a long time - crafts, jewelry, sculpture and woodwork - all of which form the economic, social and cultural leitmotif of this dynamic and ingenious merchant community. Shoppers can make some great buys and bargains here! And for those of you drawn to religion and want to explore the sacred in the lives of these people, Kanadukathan abounds in many temples known for their unique history, most notably the ancient 1800 years old Pallayiar Patti temple a short ride away.

Chettinad is a cluster of 72 villages in Sivaganga district of Southern Tamilnadu, India.

  • Nearest Airport- Madurai, Trichy
  • Largest Town- Kaaraikkudy
  • Railway Station- Kanadugathan
  • Popular- Architecture, Cuisine, Crafts