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Live the Timelessness of Chettinad Visalam

Chettiar legacy. 19th century mansions. Spicy cuisine. Journey through an era when you stay at Visalam. Click here

Chettinad Guide: Magnificent Mansions, Peppery Cuisine, and Antique Markets - National Geographic Traveller India Visalam ˗ April 17, 2015 Visalam

Over a century ago, daily life in the villages of Chettinad in eastern Tamil Nadu would have been very different. The sounds of women’s anklets, the laughter of children, the aroma of freshly-ground spices would have filled the imposing mansions of Chettinad built around the 19th and early 20th century. The region comprises some 78 villages, dominated by the prosperous Nattukotai Chettiar community of businessmen and bankers. Karaikudi is the region’s principal town. Click here

Tamilnadu India: A Journey Through The Tropical Southern State - Independent Visalam ˗ February 20, Friday Visalam

Of all the hoary old clichés that attend to travel dispatches from India, perhaps none is so reliable as the claim that it is better understood as a continent than a country. Indeed, so hardy is this journalistic perennial that, even when not spelt out explicitly, you can almost smell writers grasping for it as they try to comprehend the vastness of Britain’s inherited jewel. Click here

Food to Fly for: Tasting Tamilnadu ˗ Sunday Times Visalam ˗ June 12, 2011 Visalam

Culinary is culture, in this southern state of India, even elevated to artistic heights, says Devanshi Mody. CGH Visalam: This beautiful heritage hotel, set in Chettinad’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an epicurean idyll. Visalam’s cuisine is presented by 22-year-old wonder boy Chef Ashwin, his equally young team and their “secret weapon,” a village lady Pandia Yammal, the only woman in the kitchen. They can shame most three-Michelin-starred chefs with impeccably executed Chettinad dishes. Click here

Tamilnadu Takes Off ˗ Verve Visalam ˗ April 18, 2012 Visalam

Tamil Nadu, India’s must-visit state, has more temples than Italy has churches, and boasts India’s greatest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are not impressed by this, join the devotees who plan pilgrimages here principally for the prasadam! Still not convinced? Visit simply to enjoy the mouth-watering local cuisine which Verve declares beats the fare at most Michelin-starred establishments. Click here