A Dutch Grace Note

So many cultures melt into Fort Cochin that it feels like everybody’s city. And indeed, for three centuries it was. Stroll through its sunlit, leafy lanes, experience its relaxed charm, and it’s easy to forget that warring empires clashed here for nearly three centuries.
While Fort Cochin’s British and Portuguese past is evident everywhere you go, the area’s Dutch DNA is a subtle, less visible cultural thread. This thread is what we plucked from the out of the history books. And sought to weave into a contemporary travel experience.
On a peaceful street corner in the centre of Dutch Cochin we found a historic plot of land that has seen much building and rebuilding since the early 1700s.


This was the stage. Perfect for an an elegantly curated fusion of styles, tastes and ideas. At  once a celebration of Fort Cochin’s Dutch heritage and its vibrant contemporary culltural pulse.When it was finished, we called the outcome  Eighth Bastion. 

The World’s First Multinational

Few know that the Dutch East India Company, or the VOC, was the very first of the type, and so one of the earliest global businesses. And the Seven Bastions that influenced our name referred to the standard layouts of VOC Forts , a tradition followed from Surat to the Straits of Sumatra. The ship’s model you’ll see as you walk into our reception area, is a fine reminder of the VOC’s glory days. Her name  is the ‘Batavia’ , relic of a legendary merchantman that ended its colourful career shipwrecked off the Australian coast. 

The Kochin Ferrari

Well, that's what the driver likes to call it, and who are we to disagree? Rest assured though, your autorickshaw tour of the area will be at a relaxed pace, giving you ample time and space to absorb the sights and sounds. Old architecture, charming bylanes and picturesque churches ..an ideal morning's excursion.

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