Eighth Bastion – The Dutch themed contemporary hotel.
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A Keeper of Time

Fort Kochi

Unknown to many the Dutch East India Company, or the VOC, was one of the earliest global business undertakings. The Seven Bastions (from which we derived our unique name) referred to a type of layout peculiar to VOC Forts, a tradition they followed from Surat to the straits of Sumatra where they had their presence.
The model of the ship that you will see as you walk into our reception area is a reminder of the VOCs heyday attesting to their prominence in trade. The relic is that of the ‘Batavia’, a legendary merchantman that ended its successful career when shipwrecked off the Australian coast.
Down the road from us lies a little slice of frozen time. It is hard to imagine, as one wanders around the tranquil pathways of the old Dutch cemetery, that this region - the Malabar - was once a battleground for Europe’s prominent seafaring nations that fought over spices and trade routes for 300 years.
The Eight bastion conjures up these visions from the past, connecting many dots on the map of time for you to reflect upon and wonder at.
Dutch Themed Contemporary Hotel

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