Eighth Bastion - Visit Art Gallery and Art Cafes
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Tuk-Tuk Ride

The Tuk-Tuk ride around Fort Kochi will be at a relaxed pace, giving you ample time and space to absorb the sights and sounds. Old architecture, charming bylanes and picturesque churches; an ideal morning's excursion.

Rent a Bicycle

Two eco-friendly wheels are a nice, easy way to get around and about (see that section for where to go). Just pick your bicycle from the colourful selection available near the main gate, ask at the reception for a map, and you’re good to go, pedaling your way through a sunny morning's outing through the bazaars and bylanes.

Mattanchery Market

Mattanchery is a bustling old market of the Kochi's spice trade. Scores of small stores huddle together in old, dilapidated buildings and the air is filled with the biting aromas of ginger, cardamom, cumin, turmeric and cloves.

Jew Town , Antique Market

Home to the native Pardesi Jewish community in Kerala, Jew Town is lined by old Jewish homes on either sides of a narrow street leading up to the historic synagogue. Take a walk along the Jew Town and you can breathe antiquity. The curio and antique shops along the street are capable of enchanting the visitors with their variety and rarity. A big 'vaarpu' (bronze vessel) almost three metres in diameter is one of the major attractions here.

Chinese Fishing Nets

These fishing nets are fixed land installations introduced by Chinese explorer, Zheng He from the court of the Kubla Khan. The Chinese fishing net is believed to have been introduced to the Kochi shores as early as 1350 AD.

Electric Bicycles for Responsible Travellers at Eighth Bastion

Discover the mysteries of old Kochi on non-polluting electric bikes from a Dutch-inspired hotel. Visit the old Dutch cemetery, see colonial architecture, Mattancherry spice market, and more with Vaan Electric Bicycles, now for hire at Eighth Bastion.