Supping from Many Cultures

The cuisine at Eighth Bastion is a contemporary take on some old favourites, hand-picked from the ring of Indian Ocean spots that were in the greater sphere of Dutch influence from the early 1600s. On the East Indies’ eclectic menu, Cheese Tarts jostle for space with robust Indonesian Pork. And the Travancore Duck Roast offsets a Balinese fish recipe that , we discovered, works superbly with our kerala catch.  


Spoilt for choice? We suggest a look at out tasting menus, your ticket todelicious  tastebud adventures. Eclectic though the variety may be, we keep strict adherence to local ingredients. Cooked with handpicked Kerala spices. It’s a commitment to freshness. But we think you'll find it a  delicious one. 

An Edible Legacy

Every once in a while, we go down to the Quality Bakery in the neighbourhood, and get hold of  a few loaves of Bruther. This rich, aromatic bread has been baked in the area since Dutch times, and so far as we know, only the folks at Quality still continue to make it.
Saturday would be a good day to ask for it at the East Indies Restaurant. It's rich , semi-sweet, egg-sugar-vanilla goodness combines wonderfully with a variety of dishes.

A Deceptive Seafood Stew

Not a stew at all, but a hearty soup redolent with the flavours of the coast, finished up with a touch of coconut milk

An Old Favourite, Re-imagined

Here's a Creme Brulee with a little extra personality. Touches of Banana, salted white chocolate and an oven roasting to finish.
Local Cuisine falls into two main categories. Pre-independence Kerala was basically split into the princely states of Travancore & Kochi in the south, and Malabar district in the north. This divide is evident in the food even today. Additionally, Kerala food shows the influence of its trade links with the Arab world.