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Responsible Tourism and CGH Earth
CGH EARTH’s business model is based on sustainable and responsible tourism. Every thought and action is born out of this commitment to the environment and the local communities where it operates. The experiential character of its holidays does homage to nature and engages closely with local people and their cultures.

This significant aspect of taking responsibility for the environment and its people forms the backbone of the group’s vision as it grows and expands into new geographic areas across the country with an awareness that is as inclusive as it is expansive. This unique identity has been termed ‘the Indian consciousness’, being characterized by those aspects that distinctly make up the Indian soul - variety, beauty, simplicity and caring! These core values are the ideological pillars that give substance to its dreams. They also manifest in a hundred visible ways inspiring and influencing daily actions on the ground. Over the years this boutique hotel chain has created 16 unique properties across Southern India, each a distinct experience unto itself. CGH Earth sees itself as a curator of extraordinary experiences that arise from its intimate bonding with nature and community. This undoubtedly lies at the heart of it’s specialness, making for holidays that are uplifting and transforming. They endorse that less can be more and that true luxury is an experience rooted in simplicity and soul, transcending mere form and ostentation.