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Experience Hotels
CGH Earth conceives and organizes truly remarkable travel experiences over multiple destinations in southern India. A family owned enterprise, the group began its operations in 1954 with their flagship property, the Casino Hotel, in Willingdon Island, Kochi.

The small hotel that started out to cater to port visitors in Willingdon Island, Kochi, in the 1950s has evolved into an unusual experiment in tourism. It has become widely known today for its respect for nature and local cultures around which its singular travel experiences are spun.
Over time this small seed has spawned a cluster of fine hotels in southern India that are a toast to the land and its people, as much as to the creative spirit of its visionaries. Together, they celebrate a soaring imagination and a refined aesthetic that gives all these properties their distinctive character.

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Core Values

Every CGH Earth experience rests on certain fundamental principles that together define our core values. They are :

Working with local communities

We are aware that local communities are a part of the social fabric that bind us. We reach out to them in numerous ways that include employment and a host of social, economic and cultural interactions that mutually benefit and strengthen ties between us.

Being one with the local ethos

We believe in a participatory ethos that draws insights and inspiration from the people and cultures where we are present.

Caring for the environment

We consciously remember to touch nature with sensitive hands and respect the ecosystems that support us.

These driving elements are reflected in everything you see and experience - from our architecture and locations to our people, services and activities!

Our PeopleHome is where the heart is
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Our people are our best brand ambassadors. There are no practiced smiles at CGH Earth. What you see is what you actually get, which is touching warmth, a deep understanding and an enduring graciousness!

The local people of our destinations are a mixed and diverse lot, just like humans anywhere. But they are united in a common passion, which is the love they have for the lands, coasts, mountains, rivers and villages where they abide.The pride they feel in their world is real, as is their joy in introducing you to its beauty and mysteries. They welcome you not as a visitor but as a guest into their homes. For that is how they see you, just like we do too!

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