The Elevated Life

Spice Village is the essence of a mountain tribal village, re-imagined for the modern independent traveller. A tribute to ancient ways of life. And to one man's patience and passion.

Curling around a misty ridge 2,000ft high in the Periyar vastness, we found a ranger's home,  with fruit trees, rare herbs and a profusion of flowering plants. And here, we set out to build a resort. A village, produced whole, using mountain spirit and tribal wisdoms as building 

material. Of course, the comforts of a modern hotel exist, but they never intrude. Modern plumbing, comfortable beds and hot showers find their place, but in a setting stripped down to its natural essence.




Hewn stone replaces shag carpets. Birdsong takes the place of television.  Air-conditioning? Unnecessary anyway in the fine mountain climate and what would it do but mask the heady scents of spice wafting through the air?

A hot, steaming welcome

Check ins at Spice Village are not at a boring reception desk, but out on the lawns, with a healthy herbal brew where you can choose the herbs yourself. Get invigorated , absorb the sights and sounds of Nature, and before you know it, your bags have been whisked away to your room and you are ready for a sojourn like no other.

A Greener World

A video feature on Spice Village and its environs.

Spice Village Vignettes

Dusk is quick and dramatic in the tropics

Dusk is quick and dramatic in the tropics

On the Periyar river, late winter morning

On the Periyar river, late winter morning

The relaxed rhythms of a bullock cart ride

The relaxed rhythms of a bullock cart ride

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"My mom and I read, went on a jungle trek and the spice plantation tour, or just had a conversation and went to bed early. I celeb-
rated my birthday here and had a phenomenal day. Spice Village is a great combination of luxury and a homey environment."

Amanda Strauss, a young guest.


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