Spice Village – Watch and discover the birds of Kerala
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An Introduction to Spices

Spice Village's master chefs share some of their skills with you at the evening cookery classes. Here you will learn the secrets of traditional Kerala cooking. And of course, you will enter the magical world of Indian spices. What they are, how to use them, combine them, and savour the special magic they bring to even the most commonplace foods. Best of all, your friends at home will be cardomom green with envy once you return with your new found secrets.

Make your own Paper

The paper-making centre at the Spice Village is where one can try their hands at making paper. The pulp used for paper-making is from all the paper waste collected from the resort. Stuff like notepads, menus and luggage tags are made from this centre.

Naturalists-led Walk

Just a gentle walk about its 12 acres is an education in botany. Bird watching and fishing enthusiasts will find new experiences to take home. You can get the assistance of our naturalists in explaining about the flora and fauna of the region.

Spice Plantation Visit

Depending on the season, you could take a day trip and visit a neighbouring pepper plantation. Walk amidst the rows of vines creeping upwards on trellises. The correct time to pluck the peppercorns is when they are beginning to redden, just before they are completely ripe. Try your hand at it, but be sure to wash up before touching your eyes or nose! Walk past the rows of mats on which the plucked peppercorns are left to dry. The scent of pepper mingles with the fresh mountain air. This is the starting point of the centuries old spice trade and that delicious flavour which makes such a difference to foods worldwide.

Trek at Periyar Tiger Reserve

The proximity of Spice Village to The Periyar Tiger Reserve allows an array of interesting activities which includes short and long treks through the reserve. The forest guides who lead these treks are all from the indigenous tribal communities.

Electric Bicycles for Responsible Travellers at Spice Village

Thekkady is a nature paradise, and you can now explore these wild wonderlands responsibly on environmentally friendly electric bikes. Travel across spice plantations, picturesque hills, and more with Vaan Electric Bicycles, now for hire at Spice Village.