Spice Village – Relax with an Ayurveda massage.

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Get fine tuned

Our Ayurveda center offers a range of herbal massages and therapies that you can choose from according to condition and need. They are designed to help you unwind, while tuning up your system deep down to get it ready for energized activities again.

All things wild and wonderful

Get to spend time at our Interpretation Center - Tiger Club- with your family if you are a wildlife enthusiast. The exhibits will give you a good picture of the flora and fauna of the Periyar region and what makes it unique. Our naturalists will be on hand to explain and elaborate.

Swimming Under a Tree.

After a long day out, you can cool off at our swimming pool. The experience gives you a feel of what it is to swim in nature - inviting, cool and relaxing!

Wired for your convenience, but!

Wifi is available in all our cottages at Spice Village. However, we would like to say that going unplugged is the best way to enjoy your holiday with us. It frees you up to observe keenly, reflect deeply and participate fully in the beautiful world around you.

Gifts to Remember

Explore our gift shop to find little treasures from around Kerala that your loved ones will cherish. There is a fine range of unique crafts that are local in nature and traditional in spirit.