Look within on a God-shaped beach

SwaSwara (www.swaswara.com) is where you can start an inner journey, or continue it. With Yoga at its core SwaSwara is for those who seek not just a mere vacation but a true holiday of the human spirit.




Located on the fabled Om beach in Karnataka, India, set amidst 26 acres of green lawns, gardens and rolling hills surrounded by pristine beaches, it is far removed from civilization with its distracting 


influences. Early morning Yoga on the beaches help wash away the stresses of life and heal the mind and body. Meditation will help you to quiet the restless mind, help you to commune with the inner being and ayurveda will cleanse your body.




Your journey to rebirth can have few more serene beginnings. SwaSwara isn’t your destination. It’s the vehicle that will transport you there.

Glimpses of Om Beach

A setting perfect, for communion of mind and body.

Meditation Hall and Poolside

Spaces dedicated to the search for genuine peace. The kind that's born within.

In Dhyana

With expert guidance at hand, you'll find your inner journey that much easier and more fulfilling.

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